My life and the world from my eyes

Genesis August 18, 2011

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My name is Naomi. (Nay-Oh-Mee) Hebrew Origin: Beautiful-Pleasant.

Before I bear my soul through the written word, a little background on yours truly:

I have lived in the same small town in Northwest Indiana since the day I was born, exciting I know. Now in my heart, I have always been a city girl despite the fact that less than a mile from my home you will find corn fields, deer, and coyotes. Yup, I said Coyotes. I take comfort that Chicago is less than an hour away, so whenever I need a fix of real city life you can hop on the interstate and head due west.

I was born into chaos. Six children, I was number three. My parents are kind and loving but a genuine hot mess. I never really remember things being stable or quiet. To this day I hate being home alone. Despite the madness of my childhood I learned a great deal from my family; unconditional love and God’s faithfulness being the two most significant.

At the age of six I came home from Sunday school and announced to my older sister that I had fallen in love. Of course my “soul mate” Chad and I lasted about as long as a Popsicle, but it seemed from that day on I hopped from one crush to the next right in to my teens.

My search for love ended at the innocent age of fifteen, when I met my future husband. He was two years older than me, a senior. He was dark, athletic and handsome; and not even remotely interested in the skinny, blonde white girl with a bad reputation. But the stars aligned and all that crap at a mutual friends birthday party. One minute we were dancing and the next we were falling in love.

Five months later, I was pregnant, and the entire world turned upside down. I wish that I could say we immediately got married and were the happiest couple ever but we are no Hollywood romance. We went through some dark and lonely times. We were together and apart, hot and cold and whatever other on-again off-again comparisons you can think of. But three long years later God brought us together for good, and I have never looked back.

Our three amazing boys are the light of our little world. Wonderful and smart and yes, occasionally complete brats (but whose kids aren’t sometimes). They drive us crazy and make us laugh and melt our hearts all in the same breath. But you know, that’s what makes parenthood, and life in general worth it right? The unexpected. Our marriage and family is picture imperfect, but beautiful in its complicated and colorful mess. And you know, I love every second of it even more than the last.


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