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Forever and Always August 19, 2011

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Two years ago today, I woke up before the break of dawn.
I fixed my hair and put on the most beautiful dress I would ever wear.

I walked down the aisle and my daddy gave me to you.
We made promises, a covenant with each other and our God.

We shared our first kiss,
and for a perfect moment, we began our lives fresh and anew.

We ended our separate lives, and began our journey as one.

Leaving the past behind us,
as memories should be.
We learn from them,
We grow from them,
but we move past them.

They are a part of us,
But they do not define us.

I felt as though God smiled on us that day,
and even though the roads that lay before us would be rocky and rough,
he gave us the endurance to succeed.

It is our perseverence through the hard times and shows our true character.
The decision to never give up,
to honor our commitments and to every day, regardless of the outcome,
choose love.

I feel as though it were yesterday,
and yet a lifetime ago.

We are so different now,
yet still very much the same.

We are still the young man and woman with bright eyes and big dreams.
Still falling on our faces, and still getting up each and every time.

We push each other to the limit,
We put each other in check.
We annoy, and provoke.
We bring laughter and tears.
We hold and encourage.
We love unconditionally,
messy, imperfect love, but still genuine as can be.

Life before you was dark and dreary, only shades of black and grey,
But from the moment you were mine, color seemed to be everywhere.

I have never laughed so hard,
loved so fiercly,
cried so violently,
or felt so passionately.

You awakened something in my heart,
a love so deep and true that only God could have ordained it.

Two years, a moment and a lifetime.
Either way, I wouldn’t trade a single on of our 730 days for the world.

After all, you are my world.

The beautiful father,
kind and affectionate leader.
The strong and courageous man.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I love you will all that I am or ever hope to be,
and I thank God every day for the amazing gift of you,
my wonderful husband.

I cant wait to see what God has in store for the rest our lives,
the next 100 years or so,
and every year seems even better than the last.

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, of memories and of dreams.

I love you with all of my heart Melvin Irving Guinn Jr.
and I am so proud and grateful to be your wife.


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