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Timeless August 19, 2011

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I had the privilege of catching up with someone very near and dear to my heart last night, a much needed heart to heart with a friend who has truly withstood the test of time.

What is it about true friendships that God created to be so rare?

In my entire lifetime, I can only count a couple friendships that lasted more than a few years. Most people come and go from our lives like a cool breeze or a sunny day; beautiful in their moment, but that’s all it is, a moment.

I have this theory that God brings different people in to our lives for seasons. Some friendships are meant simply to teach us lessons, to reveal areas in our lives where we need to grow. Some friendships teach us about trust, and who not to trust. Some teach us about love, and the price you pay for it. Some teach us to laugh, at both life and ourselves. Some teach us exactly how much we can live through, and still survive.

What makes a friendship real? Is it the ability to call them at two in the morning when the world is caving in around you? Is it the smile that they manage to provoke across your face with nearly every interaction? Is it the ability to not just hear the words you speak, but to truly hear your heart? Is it the discernment whether you need a word of encouragement or simply the warmth of a hug? Or is it a friendship’s timelessness? That even if you haven’t spoken in ages, whenever you do, its just picking up right where you left off.

Of the many blessings God gives us, true friendships are by far among the most invaluable. Cherish every moment, every memory, for you never know when you the season will pass. Most of all be grateful for the friends that last a lifetime, the few that truly are timeless.


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