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Sweet Baby August 22, 2011

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Ten tiny fingers,
Ten tiny toes.
How small you are my angel.
You grow so quickly,
Every day it seems
You are a little bigger.

As I hold you in my arms,
I imagine someday you will be able to hold me in yours.
These tiny hands so sweet and soft,
Will someday do great things.
Your feet can fit inside my palm,
Where will they one day take you?

Your skin so soft and smooth,
What scars will you one day bare?
Your eyes look to me with such joy and wonderment,
What will they one day see?

Your laugh so priceless and unique,
Touching the hearts of all who hear it.
Do you even know sweet baby how much joy you bring me?
Do you know every day is a little brighter because I share it with you?

Even when you are just asleep,
I miss your smiling face.
Do you have any idea how much I love you?
How special you are to me?

What amazing things will you do my child?
How will the world change because you are in it?
What wondrous sights will those brown eyes behold?
How many will be touched by your light?

I can only sit in awe,
Of the blessings God has bestowed.
For me to mother such beautiful children,
To let my life eclipse yours.

Your dreams can touch the stars above,
The possibilities are endless my dear.
I cannot wait to see Gods plans for your life,
And the man you will someday become.

Until that day when you are all grown up,
I will sing you sweet lullabies,
And pray each night as you go to sleep,
Gods blessings and mercy and light.


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