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Leap of Faith August 30, 2011

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Last night at the Dyer’s cell we discussed the book “Fearless” by Max Lucado. We only talked about the first chapter, but it posed some very interesting questions.

Why are we so afraid?

We fear success, because it means we could fail.

We fear acceptance, because it means we could be rejected.

We fear love, because it means we could be hurt.

We fear trying something new, because it means we could be embarrassed.

We fear speaking our mind, because we could be proven wrong.

We fear promises, because they could be broken.

We fear trust, because it means relinquishing control.

We fear dreams, because they might not come true.

And so we live our lives in these dark little boxes, afraid and alone, without hope and faith. We cling desperately to our bibles and prayers, begging God for answers and never walking out the ones He gives us.

How can we expect our circumstances to change, when we refuse to change our minds, hearts or actions?

Without risk, what reward is there?

Without trust in the almighty God, what is the point?

We are called to so many great things, but can achieve none of it when we allow fear to dominate our lives.

When God makes a promise to us He keeps it.

There is no room for questioning, doubt or fear.

God always keep his word.

He created each of us for a purpose, and but many times we allow ourselves to be too fearful to walk it out.

I believe fear is one of Satan’s greatest tools, because it turns the effective, strong and courageous into numb, cowardice and weak people.

The essence of Christianity is faith.

Faith in God, in who He is.

How can we claim to have faith when we don’t trust Him?

Answer: we can’t.

Let’s just think for a moment about how beautiful life could be without fear.

I’m not saying without all fear, some is good.

Like not swimming with jelly fish, or jumping off of a skyscraper without a parachute.

I’m talking about walking through life with a purpose, and knowing that no matter what God has your life and everything in it in his hands.

This past weekend I had the privilege of hearing Apostle Tetsola speak at our church.

He gave several amazing workshops on leadership, life and the heart. He also spoke on how each of our lives have already been scripted.

When we live knowing that God not only knows what’s going to happen in our lives, but perfectly orchestrated every other event in the universe to play out exactly the way he wants it too, there is nothing more liberating,

We can’t control what goes on in our lives anyway, so why bother trying?

Its a tiring task that brings nothing but stress and dissatisfaction.

In the end, we will never truly feel free until we completely surrender ourselves and our lives to God.

After all, our lives arent our own anyway right?

A leap of faith, when we can’t see the outcome or the bottom of the pool is always the hardest.

Just know that when God tells you to jump, He will ALWAYS catch you.

Listen to Apostle Tetsola’s

Download the first chapter of “Fearless” by Max Lucado for free


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