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The Blame Game September 3, 2011

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Funny thing about human nature, is our desire to blame others for our problems,

As Americans especially, accountability is a dirty word.

If we get a bad grade, the teacher didn’t explain the topic well enough.

If we make a bad decision, it’s because our parents were poor examples.

If we have low self-esteem, it’s because our environment was too hard on us.

Parts of this is very true, but at what point do we, as individuals and as a culture, stand up and take responsibility for our own actions?

Something about confrontation and accountability makes us squirm like little inch worms.

We absolutely detest it.

I guess it goes back to the beginning, we all know the story.

God asks Adam why he ate the fruit.

Adam blames Eve.

Eve blames the serpent.

Everyone had someone else to direct their anger and embarrassment towards, when they should have been looking in a mirror.

I mean really?

Adam and Eve are being confronted by God almighty, the creator of the universe, and the best they can manage is to point fingers?

To be fair, I guess if it were me I probably would have just peed my pants, but still!

The urge is engrained in us just like every other sin, but the funny thing is how easy and subtly we are able to explain away any and all responsibility for our actions without a second thought.

Society accepts that for every rebellious kid there must be a problem with their parents, their environment, something else must be to blame.

True, usually people making bad choices didn’t come strong rooted faith and a loving, Godly home.

But at the same time, God called each of us to aspire to greater things than what we were born into.

God gave us dreams that we may strive for something out of reach.

He wants us to stretch our imaginations, to birth fresh ideas and new beginnings.

He wants us to have faith in the things we cant see or feel.

He wants us to believe in Him.

What is compassion without suffering?

What is grace and mercy without pain?

How can Christ save us without anything to save us from?

We have to recognize truth for what it is.


And incredibly beautiful in its black and white simplicity.

We have to embrace life and is purpose, and see our callings in Him.

One of the most valuable gifts God created us with, is the ability to make choices.

He didn’t want us to be mindless drones reciting hymns to him like robots without passion or feeling.

Of course He wants us to choose Him,

But He also wants us to WANT to choose Him.

He wants our hearts desire to be to spend time in His presence.

To fall in love with Him the way He loves us.

We were all born with the same human nature,

The same urges and desires both for good and bad.

Some of us a little more than others.

We must learn to own up to our mistakes,

To look them straight in the eyes,

And master them.

We can’t let our past haunt us,

We can’t let regret over-shadow the light.

The places we have been have helped shape us,

But they do not define us.

With every cross road we have a decision,

We can stick to our old tendencies,

Repeat the same mistakes,

And keep traveling in circles getting no where and frustrated because of it.

Or we can choose to trust God,

And let him help us to make choices that will not only improve our quality of life,

But also bring Him glory and positively impact the world around us.

If you can never admit to doing something wrong,

There is no motivation to change it,

But if things keep going wrong,

Chances are there are places you can improve.

We all can.

You have to start somewhere,

Why not make tomorrow brighter by beginning today?


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