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The Woman in the Mirror September 4, 2011

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Let’s play a game.

Pick up a mirror, and look at yourself.

Tell me what you see.

Don’t just glance, really look, examine, and search your face.

For ninety seconds.

Are you ready?


Who are you?

What is beneath your skin?

Can you tell me?

Do you even really know?

When I look in the mirror,

I see a woman who has seen a lot of hurt.

I see eyes that have cried hundreds of thousands of tears.

I see a little girl trying desperately to grow up.

Someone who was taught next to nothing beneficial as a child,

But who is giving her everything to make up for lost time.

I see someone who loves whole heartedly,

Even when it means getting hurt.

I see a person who was rejected so often and so harshly,

She avoided eye contact with almost everyone,

To save herself from the disapproving and disappointed glances.

But who is slowly learning how precious she is,

And learning to embrace the princess tiara her heavenly father gave her.

I see a person with dreams.

Some even bigger than she can really comprehend.

I see a woman who has felt great pain and lived to tell the story,

Who has been kicked, but still got up.

Who has been broken, but not crushed.

We all have flaws.

We all bear he scars of our past,

But I wear mine as a reminder of how far God has carried me,

When I was too weak to walk.

For the times I was alone and He held my hand.

For the times I died a little inside,

And He breathed life back into my lungs.

I see passion for people.

For mistreated little ones,

For hurting souls.

For mothers in crisis,

For fathers in turmoil.

I see a heart that has been broken many times over,

But that my God has healed seamlessly.

I see a future, a hope and a promise.

I see a story that was well worth the journey to attain it.

Yes, we all have flaws.

And we all bear scars.

But it is our imperfections that give us character, individuality and uniqueness.

It is Gods ability to make the broken whole,

The old into new,

And the tragedies into testimonies that give meaning to our lives.

God gave each of us beauty, inside and out.

Find it within yourself.

Search beneath the hardened outer shell and discover the amazing person you are meant to be.

Embrace every aspect of your character.

The bad you see, change.

The good you see, nourish and let grow.

Now, tell me what you see?

Tell me about your man/woman in your mirror…

Special thanks to Bishop Ron Johnson Sr. for the invention of the mirror game.


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