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45 Signs You’re a Parent September 5, 2011

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1: The sight of baby spit up no longer makes you throw up in your mouth.

2: You use made up curse words when you’re frustrated.

3: You have been quoted in the sweetest little voice in THE most embarrassing ways.

4: You have learned that yes, you can clean up someone else’s vomit, feces, and urine.

5: You spend more money on things in the kids section than you do on things for yourself.

6: You can both speak to and understand one year olds.

7: You have somehow learned to tolerate “Dora,” “Super Why,” and all the other mind numbing cartoons out there…

8: …and learned to sing-along to their theme songs upon request.

9: Your version of pleasure reading is the story books that put your child to sleep.

10: Your priceless works of art are made with crayon, markers and finger paint.

11: The thought of a pull-up/diaper free life makes you giddy.

12: Your kid’s birthday is a much bigger deal than your own.

13: Bath time has gone from soothing music and scented bubbles, to splashing and rubber duckies.

14: Your rowdy nights out on the town have been traded for snuggling and watching movies on the couch.

15: A shopping trip solo is like a mini vacation.

16: You actually enjoy silence.

17: You have made just about anything into an “adventure,” whether it’s going for a walk, or trying a new snack.

18: You worry about things like the chicken pox, and the flu.

19: You actually pay attention to what food groups are included in the meals you serve.

20: It takes you about five times as long to leave the house as a normal person.

21: The park is your “hang out spot.”

22: You have actually said the words “Because I said so!” …and meant them.

23: You have not only been asked questions like “how are boys and girls different?” but learned how to answer them.

24: You have kissed a “boo boo” to make it all better.

25: You have been woken up at three am to scare a monster out of the closet, from under the bed, etc.

26: You have more pictures of your kids few years of existence than you do of your entire life.

27: Some days, nap time and bed time are your absolute favorite times.

28: You have made a fool of yourself playing barbies and dress-up, or superheroes and sports you stunk at, simply to make them smile.

29: You do “voices” when you read children’s books.

30: You have held your breath and said a prayer that whatever you’re doing doesn’t land your kid in therapy fifteen years from now.

31: A munchkins entire world lights up just from seeing you, whether you’ve been apart a day, a week, or an hour.

32: You have literally counted to ten in your head to keep from exploding or pulling your hair out (or both).

33: You have dried more tiny little tears than you can count…

34: But just your arms cradling them, and your presence somehow made it better.

35: You get more excited about your child’s accomplishments than you do your own.

36: You have stayed up all night to nurse a sick little one back to health.

37: Adult conversation (no matter how dull), is strangely refreshing.

38: Your “me time” is taking a hot shower.

39: you have had to search your entire house for a lost stuffed animal or blanket.

40: You get a little warm, fuzzy feeling every time your little one gives you a big hug.

41: To you, child’s laughter is about the best sound there is.

42: Your heart is walking around outside your body, in the form of another little person.

43: The first time you held your child, was the most magical moment of your life…

44: …and you cant even imagine life without him/her in it (nor would you want to).

45: You finally understand what genuine, unconditional love really is.


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