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Emotions September 8, 2011

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Love is the funniest thing,

and I will be honest with you guys,

After two years of marriage and twenty one years on this earth,

I haven’t even begun to understand the half of it.

One thing I have learned since writing the poem below,

Four long years ago,

Is that you cannot allow your emotions to rule you.

Humans are fickle creatures.

The world screams at us to base our decisions and our lives,

On nothing more than what we feel.

“Do what feels right!”

“Do whatever makes you happy!”

Sound familiar?

Can I let you in on a little secret?

You will NEVER be “happy” if you live by nothing more than your emotions.

Life is about so much more than what is right in front of you.

Life is about having a purpose greater than yourself.

Without morals and values and a code of ethics to live by,

We stumble around in the dark,

A slave to whatever we feel.

Without standards to hold ourselves accountable to,

We lead a pointless existence of misery and disappointment.

This is why billionaires commit suicide.

This is why pro-athletes cheat, both with steroids and women.

This is why the wealthiest and most gifted individuals in our culture,

Are also very commonly the most unhappy.

They have no purpose.

When they reach the top of their personal mountain and have succeed their dreams and goals,

There is still an empty place in their souls;

One they cannot explain or dismiss.

One that no amount of drugs, alcohol, sex or therapy can eliminate.

One that only God can fill.

I challenge you,

Aspire to more than just the immediate.

Dream bigger than yourself.

But most of all,

Be honest when you look in the mirror.

Be honest when I ask you,

What are you living for?

Where are you going?

Do you even know?

Here is a peek at my life when everything about it was unsure.

As promised, another excerpt from my collections.

Throwback Thursday: Week 2




I’m afraid to let go,
But I’m not even sure what I’m holding onto.
I can imagine a life without “us” as an option,
And in a way that in itself scares me.
You are my comfort.
You are my security.
You are the thing that makes me believe it’s all going to be okay.
But then something happened.
We grew distant and insecure,
And our passion and fire slowly faded.
And now I’m confused on what to do,
And who exactly I should turn too.
Trust is a hard thing to do,
I have been hurt and used so many times.
I want to love.
I want to be free to feel something again.
But my fear, pain and resentment,
They cripple me.
And I hold my heart back,
Just out of reach.
If you knew me,
The real me,
You would never love me.
If you knew all my secrets,
My imperfections,
And my countless transgressions,
You would never stay.
Even after all this time,
I can’t truly let you have me,
All of me,
The real me.
Letting someone else see you,
Makes you vulnerable,
Gives them the power to hurt you,
To break you,
To crush you.
Maybe love isn’t for me.
Maybe I’m not ready.
Maybe I already blew it.
Maybe I simply don’t deserve it.


If any of this blog describes how you feel, please feel free to message me.
I would love to offer you some hope and encouragement, or just an ear to hear your heart.
Feeling alone in this world is one of the most horrible places to be,
But you don’t have to stay there.
As always,
Thanks for reading =]


One Response to “Emotions”

  1. As always your words are so beautiful and powerful. I’m glad you’re not that heartbroken teenager anymore. Love you.

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