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When I am afraid September 16, 2011

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You look so small laying there,

In pain, without relief.

No answers come to your rescue,

The unknown seems dark and haunting.

But here we are here trusting,

Having faith when everything is so unsure.

Keep your head up my brave solider,

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

I reach out to touch your hand:

The blistered hand that works so hard,

The brave hand that protects me from bad,

The firm hand that holds your ground,

The strong hand that lifts me up.

The gentle hand that comforts.

Somehow these same hands seem smaller,

In the pale hospital light,

Your eyes a little more grey.

Don’t loose hope my angel,

Everything will be okay.

A childhood song comes to my mind,

“When I am afraid I will trust in you,

I will trust in you,

I will trust in you.

When I am afraid I will trust in you,

In God whose word I pray.”

I sang this lullaby to myself,

In the dark when my childhood nightmares would taunt me.

I would whisper it gently under my breath,

And somehow the dark didn’t seem quite so inky.

The dream wasn’t quite as scary.

That is what all of this seems to be,

Just one big bad dream.

The faceless monster of a pain,

Whose cause you just can’t seem to pinpoint.

It’s a frightening giant to face,

But just breath.

Have faith.

Everything will be okay.

I am here for you my angel,

Like you have always been for me.

I won’t leave your side,

I will be right here.

This time I can’t make it all better,

But I know someone who can.

God has a purpose for every little thing,

Even this,

In it’s doom,

Is for a reason my love.

Hold my hand,

Close your eyes,

And let’s sing a lullaby,

With childlike faith all things can be conquered.

Ultimate trust, that no matter how bleak,

God will never leave us nor forsake us.

We may not have all the answers right now,


But someday we will look back on this and smile,

Just we have every other trial.

We will smile how when we were weak,

God carried us through the fire.

God carried us through the storm.

He never left us for a moment,

And He never will.


One Response to “When I am afraid”

  1. We’re praying and thinking about you guys. Everyone is safe and happy here. Take care of yourselves. Love you both!

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