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Fleeting Moments September 17, 2011

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A young woman was found murdered today,

Just down the road from my hometown.

Just beginning her life,

Freshly graduated from high school.

The whole world at the tips of her fingers.

Her future ripped heartlessly from her,

In a single, final night.

The question lingers,

That we always seem to ask,

But can never really be answered:


It’s futile to be angry,

To question the reasons of such horror.

But every ounce of our beings want answers,

We know we will never get.

I won’t pretend to know the pain,

The emptiness of those left behind.

It makes you wonder,

And search your soul.

It reminds you how short our time is.

God told us our days are numbered,

From before we are even born,

But we always seem to forget this,

Until someone leaves us unexpectedly.

You wonder if it happened to you,

What would your last thoughts be?

Whose face would be etched in your mind?

What voice would you imagine?

Who would you long not to leave behind?

Life is so beautiful,

And sometimes it feels too short.

But if today was your final day on this earth,

How would you want to spend it?

Smelling the sweet scent of crisp fresh air,

Embracing the warmth of a hug.

Enjoying the taste of your favorite treat.

The feeling of true loves kiss.

My heart breaks for the family with an empty bed in their home,

The anguish is simply unfathomable.

I am so grateful to be sitting here writing this,

Breathing in and out.

Making me remember the basics we sometimes forget:

Be slow to anger,

Be quick to forgive.

Cherish every blessing.

Soak up every tingle of laughter,

Every second of snuggles,

And giggles and grins.

Every ridiculous joke late at night,

Every star that twinkles overhead.

Cherish every fleeting, amazing moment.

You never know which one will be your last.


One Response to “Fleeting Moments”

  1. Mel Says:

    Heartfelt as alaways :). Glad I’m subscribed and it gets sent right to my phone.

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