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Perfect October 16, 2011

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Life is hard.

We all knew that, right?

We all say it, sure.

But some things you just can’t possibly understand unless you have felt it,

Unless you have touched it,

Somehow been effected by it in the most personal of ways.

Why does that little boy develop cancer in his blood, threatening his very existence?

Why does that teenage girl have a handicap, keeping her captive in her own mind?

Why did that young father die, leaving his children and wife to fend for themselves?

Why was that baby abandoned by her mother, left in a dumpster to freeze?

So much evil in this world.

So many questions, without answers.

Humans search for knowledge and understanding,

We long for the key to unlock life’s mysteries.

When there are no answers, we become angry, frustrated and resentful.

Dissatisfaction sets in.

We can’t comprehend problems without solutions.

I don’t know why things go wrong;

Why “good” people, even “great” ones can suffer and parish,

While evil people can live lives of luxury and ease.

Everyone will get his/her reward, eventually.

But sometimes we are impatient, and would like that reward closer to now.

Most of the time, we can place blame on people.

This person thought this thought,

Made this choice which had this effect and BAM!

We have before us this unpleasant set of circumstances.

We love pointing fingers,

We love shaking our heads.

We love judging even when we have no right to.

I do it too.

Put my two cents in because gosh I just know I’d have done it better.

Shame on me.

It doesn’t help the situation, it only hurts it further,

So why do it?

When people fail God brings in someone to be a helper and a friend,

Whether its a hug or a warm meal,

A kind word or a place to rest your head,

God provides and redeems even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

Truth is,

Adversity, resistance, pressure,

These things all help make each of us even better people.

Story time:

There once was a girl who was born into a perfect family,

Who was happy all the time.

She never shed a tear,

Always wore a smile,

Lived a perfect life.

She married a perfect boy,

Who also had a perfect family,

And together they had a perfect child.

They lived happily ever after,

And never had a problem,



Snooze fest much?

We don’t like stories like that,

It doesn’t entertain us because it provokes no emotion.

Because not one of us is perfect,

Or has ever known a perfect life,

So we really can’t relate to such an absurd scenario.

You know in truth,

Some of us, if we didn’t face hard times wouldn’t pray at all.

We wouldn’t even know God.

Because all God is to us is a security blanket.

A life raft of sorts to keep us a float in life’s storms,

But sits on the shadows, tied up and untouched unless there is a crisis.

We put God in a box and expect him to work like the genie in Aladdin,

Read your bible like you would rub a lamp and BAM!

All our problems are solved, like magic.

In case you weren’t aware, being at our beck and call is not a priority of the creator of universe.

I have had to learn this the hard way.

That my prayers are not magic and if I say just the right words what I want wont just happen.

Truth is, I can pray till I am blue in the face but if it’s not Gods will it ain’t gonna happen.


Yes, truth hurts.

I learn this repeatedly, daily.

But if I sit back and acknowledge how amazing it all is,

This crazy, messed up, painful, confusing, beautiful life,

It takes my breath away.

There is an incredible tapestry of every single human being,

Each connected in the most obscure ways.

Yet when you take a step back and see it from the creators eyes,

You realize there is a flawless and spectacular pattern and plan.

Every loop and knot and stitch is exactly in place,

No mistakes.

Life is just like that,

In the thick of it we can barely see the feet in front of us,

Much less make heads or tales of a plan,

But it’s there,

Even when we don’t understand it,

When we look back on where we have been,

It was all for a reason,

So much bigger than you or me.

We have no control,

Trying to get it is pointless and frustrating,

And yields nothing but discontentment.

All we can do is trust.

Even when it hurts,

Even when we want with everything in us to fight it,

We can only believe in something bigger.

We can only trust that the God we serve is exactly who He claims to be,


We may not understand exactly what that means,

But I know I can depend on him,

That he keeps his word,

That he loves me unconditionally,

And that all things he work for my good,

Because I am his daughter,

And no actions of mine can change that,

Because no actions of mine made it happen in the first place.

And in the end,

That’s all I really need to know,

To get me through the day in front of me.

I have God to hold my hand,

Thats all I need,

Regardless the circumstance.


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