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New Year, New you? December 29, 2011

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The concept of New Years Resolutions always seemed a little silly to me.
January first rolls around each year and millions of people pledge to change their lives,
Not realizing just how half hearted a commitment that they were making.
Studies show more than 88% of New Years Resolutions end in smoke and flames.
Still, with 2012 fast approaching we are once again asked to evaluate who we are.
The habits we wish we could change,
The mistakes we hope to never repeat.
We wonder if we could change things,
What we would have done differently.
Sadly, life has no do-overs, not really anyway.
All is we have is whats in front of us,
And I suppose with a new, untouched year at our finger tips,
Turning over a new page is always pretty enticing.

2011 wasn’t exactly my favorite year.
Between my Dads stroke and more family drama than I care to recap I am more than happy to move on to the next phase of my life.
There have been many blessing as well,
Nothing is all bad.
The all time highlight was the birth of my amazing youngest son Devin.
There were plenty of laughs and heart warming moments,
But still, I am hoping that 2012 holds a bright and wonderful future.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of just anything,
But I figure, why not try something new?
If I fail, well, at least I will have company with the other 88% of you.
So in the spirit of good sportsmanship,
I have taken a good long look at the things I am discontent about,
And here are a few things I have come up with.

1: Weight – Down.

I’m not going to sit here and whine and say I’m soooo fat, because I’m not.
But three kids in five years have added up to about twenty extra pounds I would be happy to get rid of.
I want to look in the mirror and be happy again, and be able to fit into my wardrobe.
I eat what I want and don’t work out and I am starting to admit to myself its showing.
So in 2012, I’m going to start eating healthier and exercising,
I want to be at my best because, hey, I’m 21 and if I’m not at my best now when the heck will I be?

2: Drama – Minimized

This year had a lot of ups and downs and more DRAMA that I know how to deal with. Some things are genuinely unavoidable, but this year, I am going to try to focus on myself, my kids, my home, my new business, and my husband. With all that going on who has time for other peoples stuff?

3: Spirituality – Heightened

Superficiality has never been my thing, and I this year, I want more. I want to get to deeper levels with my relationship with God. I want to experience new things I have never felt, touch unfathomed levels of intimacy, overwhelming explosions of passion.

4: Blog – On the Regular

This blog has been amazingly, and rather surprisingly therapeutic for me over the last four months since its birth. So, inspired by a quest my sister conquered a few years ago, in 2012 you can look forward to an entry, every day. Thats right fans and friends I am going to chronicle my thoughts, pet-peeves and experiences in 365 entries for your viewing pleasure.

There are plenty more things I could rattle off that I hope to accomplish or fix, right down to watching tv less or my of my bad habit of staying up too late but I mean, no need to leave 2013 hanging high and dry right? We have to save a few things for her.

What about you? Do you believe that a New Year means a New You? Are you making a resolution for 2012?

Would love your feedback =)
They say people with friends to share in their goals, are much more likely to succeed.

Cant wait to see what 2012 holds for me, and all of you.


Family Matters December 28, 2011

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I love the family I was born into.
I love the family I married into.
I love the family my husband and I have created together.
Each aspect of our heritage,
Our pasts, present and futures are so intricately woven together and create a beautiful, colorful, wonderful mixture of lives and worlds.
I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
But there is something that has creeped into my family, on every side.
Silently, like a cancer, it has deteriorated and eaten away at our hearts and flesh,
It has poisoned thoughts,
Killed relationships,
And alienated entire branches from our family tree.
Its name is resentment.

If you look closely enough into any family’s history,
You will find many indiscretions.
You will find sin,
You will find secrets buried beneath the seal of locked lips.
In the history as it was lived, not necessarily written,
You will see truths that bleed light onto nasty mistakes,
And skeletons most long to keep hidden.
The many imperfect people of this world are what make up families,
Resulting in imperfect families.
I will never understand why people find this so hard to accept.
You have flaws,
I have flaws,
We all have flaws,
The end.

Maybe we judge our family members so harshly because they mean so much to us.
Maybe its because they are the first people you ever truly love;
In fact, they are the people who teach you how to love.
They succeed, and you succeed.
They fail, and you fail.
For all of eternity, you are linked together by DNA God decided to have you share.

There are people who are members of my family (all sides, married and genetic) that are estranged,
And the pain it causes is extremely difficult to put into words.
The reason for this distance, simple.
Things have happened in the past,
Some distant and some recent,
That these people could not let go of.
One event after another that sparked an offense,
The offense was never dealt with,
It was allowed to grow in size and potency until it was all consuming.
Anger begot Unforgiveness,
Unforgiveness begot Bitterness,
Bitterness begot Resentment.
And here we are, surround by the bastard children of evil,
Wondering how exactly we let it come to this.

In my memories of the perfect christmases so long ago,
I remember bright wrapping paper,
Laughter and love,
And those giant family gatherings that made the world seem safe and wonderful again.
Once my world began to fall apart at home,
Everything else I could count on did too.
Family gatherings weren’t quite so cheerful,
A smile was etched on every face,
But the eyes revealed a discomfort stewing beneath the surface.
The tension was so thick,
You could feel it when you entered the room.
We laughed tightly,
Even exchanged pleasant banter,
But something was out of sorts.

I felt this hole in my heart continue to grow,
As the family that God gave me,
The ones who were supposed to love me unconditionally,
Continued to slip away.
And suddenly the battle lines were drawn all around me,
And I had to choose a side.
The problem was, no mater whose side I chose,
Someone I loved got hurt.

Years passed, circumstances changed and victories were celebrated,
But it seemed the old resentments,
Buried just beneath the surface for so many years,
Had never truly gone away.
No matter how much I just wanted my family back,
I cannot fix everything.

Christmas evening, my father sat in his living room with teary eyes.
His 73rd Christmas, and his heart was breaking.
He has eight children,
And with the exception of my sister who lives in California,
Seven of those children were within a few minutes from his home.
But my brother would not be spending Christmas with us this year,
Just as he had chosen not to do many years prior.
My father tried to hold back his hurt and pain,
Quietly whispering to me how all he wanted was for his children to be together,
To love each other,
And to be able to celebrate the birth of our Savior as a family.
All he wanted was for the love a family is supposed to hold,
To overcome the past and all of its tragedies.
After all, he doesn’t know how many more Christmases he has left.

I listened to him speak,
I fought back the tears and the pain in my heart.
Because I wanted the same thing.
I want to see that glow of joy in my father’s eyes when he no longer has to choose sides.
I want to see what that looks like again.
I want my Daddy to get his wish.
To spend a birthday,
A Father’s Day,
A Christmas dinner,
With all eight of his children again before he leaves us forever.
I want him to laugh with us,
To tell us stories,
And for all of us to truly be happy without having to pretend anymore.
I want the things that make us different,
And sometimes drive us crazy,
To be appreciated and embraced,
For us to give grace to each other as our Savior gives us.
I want us to learn to let our love be stronger than our fear,
For our love to be stronger than our anger.

I wish we could all just sit down,
And say the words we fight so hard to swallow.
I wish we could confess the hurts and fears,
I wish we could release the bottled pain.
I wish we could let it all go,
And find a way to connect again.

Family is a puzzle;
Complicated, intricate, difficult,
But with pieces missing, it just doesn’t make sense,
The picture cannot be completed.
I want good things, great things for my family members.
I want the tension to slip away,
The wounds to heal,
The scars to fade.
We cannot change the past,
But we can let God change our futures.
We cannot choose the family God gave us,
But we can choose to love them the way God wants us to.
All I want is for the family that I cherish so dearly,
To be able to all love each other again.
Family matters will always be complex;
There will always be pain,
There will always be misunderstandings.
But at the end of the day,
Family Matters,
More than anything,
And instead of our anger,
THAT is what we must hold onto.


Pretty In Pink December 27, 2011

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I am not a feminist, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.
I firmly believe men should open car doors, pick up the tab, and kill spiders and every other creepy, crawly creature that frightens me.
I love the color pink, sparkles and ballet slippers.
I think women are created as beautiful, gentle, nurturing people and should embrace the femininity that highlights those attributes.
That being said, some gender roles from the past are silly, and extreme.
Nothing is sexier to me than my husband doing the dishes for me,
and helping me around the house.
Yes, men can cook excellent meals just as well as women,
Women can change a tire or pump gas just as well as a man could.
But no matter how hard we try to deny it,
Men and women ARE different.
We have different needs,
Emotionally, biologically, spiritually, mentally;
We were not meant to play the same exact roles in life.

I have three sons, and for many years I have dreamed of having a daughter.
Maybe God will never bless me with one,
But if he chooses to,
There are a few things I already know about her.
Her name will be Aliyah Jean Guinn.
Her hair will be brown, and probably have curls like my boys do.
Her skin will be the color of chocolate milk.
Her room will be pink,
Her clothes will be pink,
I will paint her nails and pierce her ears,
and she will wear every frilly, sparkly, girlie outfit I can get my hands on.

Maybe you rolled your eyes while reading this,
And maybe I sound like a mindless consumer who has allowed marketers to brainwash me,
But I’m not.
I’m a feminine woman,
I just don’t see anything wrong with wanting my girl to grow up LOVING that God made her a woman too.

I Recently saw a blog post with a video of a little girl ranting in the “girls” aisle of a toy store, surrounded by pink, demanding to know why all little girls have to be princesses and want pink.
She is probably about six, and is already frustrated and asking “Why do girls have to wear pink and like princesses?…Some girls like superheroes AND princesses and some boys like superheroes AND princesses…Why do girls have to wear pink and boys can wear all the other colors?”
The blog goes on to criticize gender stereotypes and that parents should buy gender neutral toys and let their children decide what they like.

There are a few things that bothered me about this.
The first is the whole concept of letting a child pick what they like and giving them no guidance on the roles of women or men.
Our culture NEEDS to understand and embrace the FACT that men and women are by design DIFFERENT.
And in accepting that, they also need to embrace the FACT that there is NOTHING wrong with that!
The job of a parent is to teach, train and inspire their children.
We are leaders, who show our children by the examples we set what it means to be a man or woman every day by how we live our own lives.
We show our children how to someday be a good husband or wife and what exactly that means,
Without the guidance of their parents, where else are children going to learn?
From the media filled with images of the sexually confused people and celebrities?
Is that who we want our children to emulate?

Some parents take it to a whole new extreme in refusing to even acknowledge what gender their child is, demanding society treats him/her like a person not a boy or girl.
A Canadian couple wont even tell the child’s grandparents the sex of their four month old grandchild. How twisted! People still say “Oh don’t judge!” but how do people expect to produce anything but a confused child when there are absolutely no guidelines as to their identity?

Our culture is constantly telling us that we shouldn’t judge people,
Let everyone just live their own life and make their own choices.
All that is, in my opinion is a recipe for DISASTER.
And it doesn’t stop with an innocent, “oh who cares if my son likes to wear princess dresses.”
It continues to escalate to new, unseen levels or perversion until the things once taboo and repulsive become the social norm.
Homo-sexuality is a prime example.
With the gay pride movement being so blatant and bold over the last decade especially,
What was completely unacceptable now barely makes people bat an eye.
Celebrities exchanging same-sex kisses at awards shows,
Showing homo-sexual love scenes on prime time TV on shows like “Glee.”
As recently as November of this year, laws prohibiting bestiality and sodomy in the military were repealed.
Bestiality, gross!
We all cringe at the thought, but the fact is that with marriage being challenged left and right and “Don’t Judge! You cant help who you love!” being shoved down our throats, the day where people are in open relationships with animals is not far away.
Think of all the things our culture accepts now, that used to repulse us.
Its sick and twisted, but still truth.

Another taboo practice many homo-sexual activists are pushing to have legalized is having sexual relations with children. Gay Rights Activists claim that having an age of consent at sixteen is too high and promotes feelings of shame in normal and healthy sexual experiences. They have suggested having the age of consent lowered to TWELVE.
Can you imagine? Grown adults having sex with twelve years old and having no legal or even moral repercussions?!

Where does it end? If no one should judge the morality behind the decision of another, then what purpose do laws serve? When you take standards away, all you are left with is a confusing, horrific mess.
I can’t begin to tell you how infuriating it is that our society increasingly believes that parents shouldn’t have an input in the vast majority of their children’s decisions. We are their PARENTS for goodness sake! If we don’t lovingly teach them the kind of people they should strive to become, our godless and increasingly moral-less society will, and that is when we have to ask ourselves what kind of people do we want our children to become.

Now, I’m not saying every girl has to wear pink,
Love ballerinas and secretly hope to grow up to be a princess.
But I am saying that when we deny any differences between genders,
We are simply guaranteeing our children a life of confusion and questions of who they are and what it means to be a man or a woman.

Sure, girls can play sports and still be girls.
Boys can play house and still be a boys.
That should by no means indicate ALL boundaries are wrong and immoral and should be done away with.
I know that no matter what,
I’m not going to give up on raising my boys to be men,
Or give in to the idea that I should be fine if my sons wanted to be treated like girls.
GOD made my sons BOYS, who will someday become MEN.
The problem with taking God out of the equation in our lives is that it eliminates the purpose behind our existence.
My sons were destined to be leaders, warriors, fathers and husbands.
I wont confuse them about that.
God created them for a purpose,
To be strong,
To be valiant,
And to be men after His heart.
If we refuse to take a stand,
If we bend to a child’s every whim and let social pressure dictate who our sons and daughters become,
We are simply surrendering their future to world.
They will choose to follow someone,
The question is, who do you want you child to follow?


Twas the Night After Christmas..

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Waking up this morning I was convinced that I had a post-Christmas hangover (no alcohol involved mind you). My head throbbed, my eyes resembled raccoons, my stomach ached and all I could think of was how much I truly wished they made tranquilizers for children (and that using them wouldn’t win me the permanent label of a “bad mom”). No I had not drank, but my mind was literally fried from sleep depravation and all the excitement, chaos, and adrenaline arousing activity that a Christmas with my wonderful family guarantees.

Still somewhere around 9:45 my children and I emerged from our beds and sleepily ate our cereal. By the time the last rice crispy had left their bowls they were talking about 5748 words per minute about how excited they were to play with all of their new toys. This should have made me happy, my kiddos enjoying their gifts is the whole point. But their excitement meant I had to tackle the mind numbing, hair pulling task of freeing each toy from its prison of anti-theft security devices (which are actually about 3498 little twist ties). *UGH* Annoying does not begin to describe it.

Yet, as we mothers do, I smiled gently and sucked up my urge to burry my face in a pillow and sleep until wednesday and I opened AND helped them find a home for each of their gifts. A good hour, three paper cuts, and a mountain of boxes and packaging later I was finished and was watching them play quietly on the floor with their toys. I smiled to myself at how precious they are, and how christmas is truly the best when you are small. Then I looked around at my home, the house I pride myself on keeping clean and tidy, and I realized in the chaos of the last few days, being home only to grab supplies, change clothes and sleep, my house had fallen into a deep abyss of disorganization. *UGH*

So my Monday of relaxation with my family I had fantasized about turned into an entire day of cleaning, organizing and catching up on laundry (none of which I had actually had time to put away mind you). The chores never end, ever and it seems almost cruel how regardless the amount of extra work and business a mother takes on, there is always a mountain of dishes and laundry waiting for her at the end of the day.

Tedious work consumed my day, yet somehow my children and I all managed to have a lot of fun making the house recognizable again. We laughed and joked and they sat nearby while I worked, and somehow just the fact that they were by me, and listening to them play so happily together made everything a little better.

Around 9:00 this evening, my wonderful husband came home. He had this sheepish, giddy tone in his voice as he asked me to wait in our room when he came in the house, he had a surprise for me. We had agreed to skip exchanging gifts for each other this year, so I was surprised at the mention of anything for me, but I complied ( I LOVE surprises lol). He had bought me a keyboard for my iPad. A small, WONDERFUL gift that made me beyond excited. I LOVE writing, and as much as I love my iPad, its just not designed for writing anything extensive.

Since I was a very small child I have dreamed of writing an amazing novel one day, and somewhere in my heart I always just knew it was something I was supposed to do. For years I would write a few sentences, a chapter, maybe two, but never would I finish a story. This blog is the first time I have consistently finished my writing, other than school work and journal entries. I felt for a long time so unworthy, so unmotivated. The last few weeks and months something has been burning in my belly to write more than just my blog. Something in me knows there is a story in my heart to touch lives, and help soothe hurt souls. This keyboard is a little stepping stone bringing me one step closer to my dream of touching others through the words I write. I am so beyond excited. I have downloaded some awesome apps for writers and am starting my character bios, and praying for some inspiration from heaven to help me make this thing absolutely perfect.

Despite the crazy day (yet again) my night has been superb. Twas the Night After Christmas, and all through the house, the children were sleeping, but not the adults. The mommy was just too excited to sleep, she was one step closer to a life long dream.

I am filled to the brim with excitement and ideas, the timing of all of this just feels so perfect. So be on the look out, because someday down the road, hopefully not too far from now, I will be posting a link for you to check out and purchase my new novel! *EEEK*




Bah Humbug! December 10, 2011

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This year, the seemingly endless debate on “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays” continues.
The heated words, offended people, and ridiculous insanity that ensues over such a simple phrase intended for nothing more than to wish someone well during a time of year we set aside to give honor and thanks to God for the most precious gift ever given, God’s son Jesus Christ.
I recently got into a debate with someone on this topic, and it made me realize a few key arguments against Christmas and how wrong, petty and just plain silly they really are.

Argument 1: “December 25th isn’t Christ’s real birthday.”
I remember most years my birthday fell on a random weekday, and with busy lives and conflicting schedules I wasn’t able to actually celebrate my birthday until a few weeks after the fact. Does that make the birthday celebration I did have with friends and family invalid? Of course not! We celebrate birthdays to show appreciation for someone, to say “I’m so glad you were born and that you are a part of my life!”
The fact that Jesus was probably not actually born on December 25th makes no difference, because the purpose of Christmas is to acknowledge a miracle, thank God for it, and show reverence and appreciation for our Savior coming into the world to save us from our sins and cleanse us. The same day, every single year for hundreds of years we choose this day to set aside in the spirit of gratitude and honor.

Argument 2: “Christmas came from a pagan holiday.”
This is absolutely untrue. There was a pagan roman holiday that was celebrated around this same time of year, but early Christians choice in celebrating our Saviors birth on this day is not because of the pagan holiday. It is actually believed that December 25th was chosen because it is exactly nine months after the churches celebration of Christ’s conception. Whatever the reason a certain date was chosen, doesn’t take away from why a date was chosen at all. No one knows the exact date of Christ’s birth, so because that information is unrecorded to modern knowledge, that means we shouldn’t celebrate it at all? Oh course not!

Argument 3: “Christmas isn’t the only Holiday this time if year.”
It is quite true Christmas is not alone in being celebrated this time of year. The most popular holidays are Hanukah (Jewish), Ramadan (Islamic), and Kwanza (African). People argue that we should use the term “Happy Holidays” because it is inclusive of all of this seasons holidays. If a Jewish friend wished me a “Happy Hanukah” I wouldn’t be offended even a little bit, because I know that is the holiday he/she chooses to celebrate. So if I say “Merry Christmas” why should someone be offended? I am a Christian so isn’t it my right to celebrate that holiday and wish others a blessed, safe and joyous season as well? An estimated 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas. Not all of them choose to acknowledge the religious aspects behind the holiday, but still 96% is a HUGE majority. Why should 96% of Americans be made to feel guilty about celebrating a day because 4% choose not to? I’m not saying people should be forced to indulge in Christmas traditions, but don’t infringe on the rights of those who do choose to.

Argument 4: “Christmas is totally commercialized and isn’t even about Jesus anymore.”
Sadly, there is some truth to this statement for many people. Christmas, for many, is about gifts and Santa, magic reindeer and little elves. I don’t support our culture in the lying to your kids phenomenon, as I expressed in my blog “Little White Lies” several months ago. I feel that Santa Claus is a lie we push on our kids, and for what? So they can believe whole heartedly in something only to realize they were naive for having faith, because he isn’t real. It teaches kids believing in something you can’t see or feel or explain is foolish, and that people can’t be trusted. It breeds a generation of sceptacle, angry and hurt kids who were lied to and betrayed by the people who love them. The sales and deals and Black Friday shopping all only accentuate the commercialized ideals, that this day is about nothing more than competition and buying the love of the people in your life with the best gifts. It’s great to show people you care, that they matter to you and you love them, but it’s not the reason we celebrate. The reason we celebrate is never lost, though the secular world tries so desperately to cover it up with hidden agendas. The reason is still true and firm, unwavering and quiet and calm, it is Jesus. We celebrate hope and faith because without Jesus’s birth all of us are lost forever. Without him, hope does not exist. So we honor Him, we rejoice, we praise and give thanks for the wonderius gift we were all so unworthy of receiving.

Yes I am a Christian, and I say “Merry Christmas” because I honor the reason for the season; the reason we sing, we celebrate, we exchange gifts and are merry. It all comes down to a tiny baby in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger, surrounded by animals and dirt. He came from the humblest of beginnings, and grew to be the man who would redeem the world.
I say “Merry Christmas” because nothing and no one will ever diminish that gift in my heart and mind and life. I am grateful, and owe my very heart and soul and life to my God and my Jesus. Nothing and no one will ever take that gratitude away from me.

So to all if you Scrooge’s out there, you may say whatever arguements you would like, you can “Bah Humbug!” to your hearts content, but I still wish you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR =]


Our Blood Is Red December 2, 2011

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There are many attributes that make the man I call my husband amazing,
The firm convictions he compromises for no one,
His bold personality and brass humor;
The protection he offers fearlessly,
The countless efforts he tirelessly exerts.
Love seems like such an understatement to how I feel about him.

My skin is white;
Translucent as the new fallen snow,
Fragile as a tiny wild daisy.

My husbands skin is black;
Deep and rich like ebony,
Solid and thick,
Protecting his lean muscular frame.

I read a book once,
Describing a man and a woman holding hands,
And how romantic it was that when she looked down she couldn’t tell which fingers belonged to who,
Like they were the same person.
I have never had that problem, and I’m fine with that.
When my husband takes my hand,
I see a swirl of dark chocolate and vanilla,
The best combination on earth.

I read an article today about a Baptist church in Kentucky banning interracial couples from participating in their congregation.

As I read the words my face began to feel hot.
I felt anger, hurt and outrage flood my body as my blood raced through my veins.
I began to think of a verse from a beautiful gospel hymn by Kirk Franklin:
“It doesn’t matter what color you are, as long as your blood was red.”

There are two reasons that this article bothered me so much.
The first and most obvious to most would be because I am a woman in an interracial marriage;
I have three children who are biracial.
I hate the thought that there are people in this world who would look at my three gorgeous little boys with disdain and disgust,
For no other reason than the color of their skin.

How can someone look at my husband and see anything but the handsome,
Wonderful man that I see?
How can anyone look into my babies deep brown eyes and see anything but innocence?
Their smooth caramel complexions and see anything but beauty?
How can someone truly believe that God sees one race as greater than another?

Sadly, the worst part of this story is not the open bigotry that these people displayed in making it policy that interracial couples may attend church but may never serve in any type of leadership role or become members.
Kentucky has many stereotypes for being filled with rednecks; its hatred for people of another color alive and well both in the open and secret.
But the part that shocked and angered me the most is that the people causing this stir are from a CHURCH.
I am not a baptist, but I know many good people who are.
This outrageous stance from this small church in the hills represents the baptist denomination as well as Christians as a whole; and when someones ignorance gives Christianity as an entirety a bad name that angers and offends me, and it should stir something in you too.

Righteous Anger.
In the same way I can imagine Jesus felt when he entered the temple and saw the “den of thieves” that the people of Jerusalem had turned the temple into.
I am filled with sadness for those miserable people,
People who are so filled with evil bigotry they ooze prejudice;
they cannot even stand to have another race in their midst during worship to the God who is Lord of all.
Banning interracial couples as a response to a visit from the church secretary’s daughter and her new boyfriend?
Its like a horrible, nasty version of “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”

I’m outraged, and yet there is this fine line that is being toyed with here.
We can say, “well the government should DO SOMETHING!”
But intervention would open a whole other can of worms.
If the government had a say in how we worship in our churches,
and who we allowed to be members or leadership,
and what we believed,
well that would be a horrendous violation of the constitution,
And something none of us want to invite into our lives.

Many people compare those against interracial relationships to those against same sex marriage.
This blog is not about that,
So all I will say is that those who make that comparison infuriate me.
Sure, people are all people,
which is my point to this blog.
But marriage in and of itself is a sacred institution that is designed by God for one man and one woman.
End of story.

Now deep down, I am not naive enough to believe this world will ever be completely void of ignorance.
Sadly, there will always be hearts of evil people who allow hatred and fear to poison them against their fellow man.
But such blatant and outright bigotry is something I must admit I am not calloused to.

Still, the problem is, our natural instinct is that someone should DO SOMETHING,
But we can’t.
We cannot tell someone how to practice their religion,
We don’t have that right,
And we don’t want to,
Because making that our right would have serious repercussions on us all.
So as much as it stinks,
And that’s the marshmallow fluff word for it,
All we can do is pray.
We pray for change to come,
And for the God that we know and love to reveal himself to those so cold and lost,
Because whoever they are serving that led them to feel so much hate,
Is not my God,
My God loves all races, ethnicities and cultures equally.

God made us each differently,
No two are exactly alike;
But inside he made us all the same.
Whatever color our skin may be,
If you look inside ourselves, the essence of our bodies, our blood, is the same;
Our blood is red.