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Our Blood Is Red December 2, 2011

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There are many attributes that make the man I call my husband amazing,
The firm convictions he compromises for no one,
His bold personality and brass humor;
The protection he offers fearlessly,
The countless efforts he tirelessly exerts.
Love seems like such an understatement to how I feel about him.

My skin is white;
Translucent as the new fallen snow,
Fragile as a tiny wild daisy.

My husbands skin is black;
Deep and rich like ebony,
Solid and thick,
Protecting his lean muscular frame.

I read a book once,
Describing a man and a woman holding hands,
And how romantic it was that when she looked down she couldn’t tell which fingers belonged to who,
Like they were the same person.
I have never had that problem, and I’m fine with that.
When my husband takes my hand,
I see a swirl of dark chocolate and vanilla,
The best combination on earth.

I read an article today about a Baptist church in Kentucky banning interracial couples from participating in their congregation.

As I read the words my face began to feel hot.
I felt anger, hurt and outrage flood my body as my blood raced through my veins.
I began to think of a verse from a beautiful gospel hymn by Kirk Franklin:
“It doesn’t matter what color you are, as long as your blood was red.”

There are two reasons that this article bothered me so much.
The first and most obvious to most would be because I am a woman in an interracial marriage;
I have three children who are biracial.
I hate the thought that there are people in this world who would look at my three gorgeous little boys with disdain and disgust,
For no other reason than the color of their skin.

How can someone look at my husband and see anything but the handsome,
Wonderful man that I see?
How can anyone look into my babies deep brown eyes and see anything but innocence?
Their smooth caramel complexions and see anything but beauty?
How can someone truly believe that God sees one race as greater than another?

Sadly, the worst part of this story is not the open bigotry that these people displayed in making it policy that interracial couples may attend church but may never serve in any type of leadership role or become members.
Kentucky has many stereotypes for being filled with rednecks; its hatred for people of another color alive and well both in the open and secret.
But the part that shocked and angered me the most is that the people causing this stir are from a CHURCH.
I am not a baptist, but I know many good people who are.
This outrageous stance from this small church in the hills represents the baptist denomination as well as Christians as a whole; and when someones ignorance gives Christianity as an entirety a bad name that angers and offends me, and it should stir something in you too.

Righteous Anger.
In the same way I can imagine Jesus felt when he entered the temple and saw the “den of thieves” that the people of Jerusalem had turned the temple into.
I am filled with sadness for those miserable people,
People who are so filled with evil bigotry they ooze prejudice;
they cannot even stand to have another race in their midst during worship to the God who is Lord of all.
Banning interracial couples as a response to a visit from the church secretary’s daughter and her new boyfriend?
Its like a horrible, nasty version of “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”

I’m outraged, and yet there is this fine line that is being toyed with here.
We can say, “well the government should DO SOMETHING!”
But intervention would open a whole other can of worms.
If the government had a say in how we worship in our churches,
and who we allowed to be members or leadership,
and what we believed,
well that would be a horrendous violation of the constitution,
And something none of us want to invite into our lives.

Many people compare those against interracial relationships to those against same sex marriage.
This blog is not about that,
So all I will say is that those who make that comparison infuriate me.
Sure, people are all people,
which is my point to this blog.
But marriage in and of itself is a sacred institution that is designed by God for one man and one woman.
End of story.

Now deep down, I am not naive enough to believe this world will ever be completely void of ignorance.
Sadly, there will always be hearts of evil people who allow hatred and fear to poison them against their fellow man.
But such blatant and outright bigotry is something I must admit I am not calloused to.

Still, the problem is, our natural instinct is that someone should DO SOMETHING,
But we can’t.
We cannot tell someone how to practice their religion,
We don’t have that right,
And we don’t want to,
Because making that our right would have serious repercussions on us all.
So as much as it stinks,
And that’s the marshmallow fluff word for it,
All we can do is pray.
We pray for change to come,
And for the God that we know and love to reveal himself to those so cold and lost,
Because whoever they are serving that led them to feel so much hate,
Is not my God,
My God loves all races, ethnicities and cultures equally.

God made us each differently,
No two are exactly alike;
But inside he made us all the same.
Whatever color our skin may be,
If you look inside ourselves, the essence of our bodies, our blood, is the same;
Our blood is red.


4 Responses to “Our Blood Is Red”

  1. Best blog yet. I stand in agreement that someday ignorance such as what you wrote about will be no more. I’m proud to be your husband til death comes to make us part.

  2. Sarah Wolf Says:

    Wonderful!! You are an amazing writer!

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