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Pretty In Pink December 27, 2011

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I am not a feminist, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.
I firmly believe men should open car doors, pick up the tab, and kill spiders and every other creepy, crawly creature that frightens me.
I love the color pink, sparkles and ballet slippers.
I think women are created as beautiful, gentle, nurturing people and should embrace the femininity that highlights those attributes.
That being said, some gender roles from the past are silly, and extreme.
Nothing is sexier to me than my husband doing the dishes for me,
and helping me around the house.
Yes, men can cook excellent meals just as well as women,
Women can change a tire or pump gas just as well as a man could.
But no matter how hard we try to deny it,
Men and women ARE different.
We have different needs,
Emotionally, biologically, spiritually, mentally;
We were not meant to play the same exact roles in life.

I have three sons, and for many years I have dreamed of having a daughter.
Maybe God will never bless me with one,
But if he chooses to,
There are a few things I already know about her.
Her name will be Aliyah Jean Guinn.
Her hair will be brown, and probably have curls like my boys do.
Her skin will be the color of chocolate milk.
Her room will be pink,
Her clothes will be pink,
I will paint her nails and pierce her ears,
and she will wear every frilly, sparkly, girlie outfit I can get my hands on.

Maybe you rolled your eyes while reading this,
And maybe I sound like a mindless consumer who has allowed marketers to brainwash me,
But I’m not.
I’m a feminine woman,
I just don’t see anything wrong with wanting my girl to grow up LOVING that God made her a woman too.

I Recently saw a blog post with a video of a little girl ranting in the “girls” aisle of a toy store, surrounded by pink, demanding to know why all little girls have to be princesses and want pink.
She is probably about six, and is already frustrated and asking “Why do girls have to wear pink and like princesses?…Some girls like superheroes AND princesses and some boys like superheroes AND princesses…Why do girls have to wear pink and boys can wear all the other colors?”
The blog goes on to criticize gender stereotypes and that parents should buy gender neutral toys and let their children decide what they like.

There are a few things that bothered me about this.
The first is the whole concept of letting a child pick what they like and giving them no guidance on the roles of women or men.
Our culture NEEDS to understand and embrace the FACT that men and women are by design DIFFERENT.
And in accepting that, they also need to embrace the FACT that there is NOTHING wrong with that!
The job of a parent is to teach, train and inspire their children.
We are leaders, who show our children by the examples we set what it means to be a man or woman every day by how we live our own lives.
We show our children how to someday be a good husband or wife and what exactly that means,
Without the guidance of their parents, where else are children going to learn?
From the media filled with images of the sexually confused people and celebrities?
Is that who we want our children to emulate?

Some parents take it to a whole new extreme in refusing to even acknowledge what gender their child is, demanding society treats him/her like a person not a boy or girl.
A Canadian couple wont even tell the child’s grandparents the sex of their four month old grandchild. How twisted! People still say “Oh don’t judge!” but how do people expect to produce anything but a confused child when there are absolutely no guidelines as to their identity?

Our culture is constantly telling us that we shouldn’t judge people,
Let everyone just live their own life and make their own choices.
All that is, in my opinion is a recipe for DISASTER.
And it doesn’t stop with an innocent, “oh who cares if my son likes to wear princess dresses.”
It continues to escalate to new, unseen levels or perversion until the things once taboo and repulsive become the social norm.
Homo-sexuality is a prime example.
With the gay pride movement being so blatant and bold over the last decade especially,
What was completely unacceptable now barely makes people bat an eye.
Celebrities exchanging same-sex kisses at awards shows,
Showing homo-sexual love scenes on prime time TV on shows like “Glee.”
As recently as November of this year, laws prohibiting bestiality and sodomy in the military were repealed.
Bestiality, gross!
We all cringe at the thought, but the fact is that with marriage being challenged left and right and “Don’t Judge! You cant help who you love!” being shoved down our throats, the day where people are in open relationships with animals is not far away.
Think of all the things our culture accepts now, that used to repulse us.
Its sick and twisted, but still truth.

Another taboo practice many homo-sexual activists are pushing to have legalized is having sexual relations with children. Gay Rights Activists claim that having an age of consent at sixteen is too high and promotes feelings of shame in normal and healthy sexual experiences. They have suggested having the age of consent lowered to TWELVE.
Can you imagine? Grown adults having sex with twelve years old and having no legal or even moral repercussions?!

Where does it end? If no one should judge the morality behind the decision of another, then what purpose do laws serve? When you take standards away, all you are left with is a confusing, horrific mess.
I can’t begin to tell you how infuriating it is that our society increasingly believes that parents shouldn’t have an input in the vast majority of their children’s decisions. We are their PARENTS for goodness sake! If we don’t lovingly teach them the kind of people they should strive to become, our godless and increasingly moral-less society will, and that is when we have to ask ourselves what kind of people do we want our children to become.

Now, I’m not saying every girl has to wear pink,
Love ballerinas and secretly hope to grow up to be a princess.
But I am saying that when we deny any differences between genders,
We are simply guaranteeing our children a life of confusion and questions of who they are and what it means to be a man or a woman.

Sure, girls can play sports and still be girls.
Boys can play house and still be a boys.
That should by no means indicate ALL boundaries are wrong and immoral and should be done away with.
I know that no matter what,
I’m not going to give up on raising my boys to be men,
Or give in to the idea that I should be fine if my sons wanted to be treated like girls.
GOD made my sons BOYS, who will someday become MEN.
The problem with taking God out of the equation in our lives is that it eliminates the purpose behind our existence.
My sons were destined to be leaders, warriors, fathers and husbands.
I wont confuse them about that.
God created them for a purpose,
To be strong,
To be valiant,
And to be men after His heart.
If we refuse to take a stand,
If we bend to a child’s every whim and let social pressure dictate who our sons and daughters become,
We are simply surrendering their future to world.
They will choose to follow someone,
The question is, who do you want you child to follow?


3 Responses to “Pretty In Pink”

  1. You are amazing through and through. I agree 100%

  2. Well said mama. You tell em. 🙂

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