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Twas the Night After Christmas.. December 27, 2011

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Waking up this morning I was convinced that I had a post-Christmas hangover (no alcohol involved mind you). My head throbbed, my eyes resembled raccoons, my stomach ached and all I could think of was how much I truly wished they made tranquilizers for children (and that using them wouldn’t win me the permanent label of a “bad mom”). No I had not drank, but my mind was literally fried from sleep depravation and all the excitement, chaos, and adrenaline arousing activity that a Christmas with my wonderful family guarantees.

Still somewhere around 9:45 my children and I emerged from our beds and sleepily ate our cereal. By the time the last rice crispy had left their bowls they were talking about 5748 words per minute about how excited they were to play with all of their new toys. This should have made me happy, my kiddos enjoying their gifts is the whole point. But their excitement meant I had to tackle the mind numbing, hair pulling task of freeing each toy from its prison of anti-theft security devices (which are actually about 3498 little twist ties). *UGH* Annoying does not begin to describe it.

Yet, as we mothers do, I smiled gently and sucked up my urge to burry my face in a pillow and sleep until wednesday and I opened AND helped them find a home for each of their gifts. A good hour, three paper cuts, and a mountain of boxes and packaging later I was finished and was watching them play quietly on the floor with their toys. I smiled to myself at how precious they are, and how christmas is truly the best when you are small. Then I looked around at my home, the house I pride myself on keeping clean and tidy, and I realized in the chaos of the last few days, being home only to grab supplies, change clothes and sleep, my house had fallen into a deep abyss of disorganization. *UGH*

So my Monday of relaxation with my family I had fantasized about turned into an entire day of cleaning, organizing and catching up on laundry (none of which I had actually had time to put away mind you). The chores never end, ever and it seems almost cruel how regardless the amount of extra work and business a mother takes on, there is always a mountain of dishes and laundry waiting for her at the end of the day.

Tedious work consumed my day, yet somehow my children and I all managed to have a lot of fun making the house recognizable again. We laughed and joked and they sat nearby while I worked, and somehow just the fact that they were by me, and listening to them play so happily together made everything a little better.

Around 9:00 this evening, my wonderful husband came home. He had this sheepish, giddy tone in his voice as he asked me to wait in our room when he came in the house, he had a surprise for me. We had agreed to skip exchanging gifts for each other this year, so I was surprised at the mention of anything for me, but I complied ( I LOVE surprises lol). He had bought me a keyboard for my iPad. A small, WONDERFUL gift that made me beyond excited. I LOVE writing, and as much as I love my iPad, its just not designed for writing anything extensive.

Since I was a very small child I have dreamed of writing an amazing novel one day, and somewhere in my heart I always just knew it was something I was supposed to do. For years I would write a few sentences, a chapter, maybe two, but never would I finish a story. This blog is the first time I have consistently finished my writing, other than school work and journal entries. I felt for a long time so unworthy, so unmotivated. The last few weeks and months something has been burning in my belly to write more than just my blog. Something in me knows there is a story in my heart to touch lives, and help soothe hurt souls. This keyboard is a little stepping stone bringing me one step closer to my dream of touching others through the words I write. I am so beyond excited. I have downloaded some awesome apps for writers and am starting my character bios, and praying for some inspiration from heaven to help me make this thing absolutely perfect.

Despite the crazy day (yet again) my night has been superb. Twas the Night After Christmas, and all through the house, the children were sleeping, but not the adults. The mommy was just too excited to sleep, she was one step closer to a life long dream.

I am filled to the brim with excitement and ideas, the timing of all of this just feels so perfect. So be on the look out, because someday down the road, hopefully not too far from now, I will be posting a link for you to check out and purchase my new novel! *EEEK*




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