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New Year, New you? December 29, 2011

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The concept of New Years Resolutions always seemed a little silly to me.
January first rolls around each year and millions of people pledge to change their lives,
Not realizing just how half hearted a commitment that they were making.
Studies show more than 88% of New Years Resolutions end in smoke and flames.
Still, with 2012 fast approaching we are once again asked to evaluate who we are.
The habits we wish we could change,
The mistakes we hope to never repeat.
We wonder if we could change things,
What we would have done differently.
Sadly, life has no do-overs, not really anyway.
All is we have is whats in front of us,
And I suppose with a new, untouched year at our finger tips,
Turning over a new page is always pretty enticing.

2011 wasn’t exactly my favorite year.
Between my Dads stroke and more family drama than I care to recap I am more than happy to move on to the next phase of my life.
There have been many blessing as well,
Nothing is all bad.
The all time highlight was the birth of my amazing youngest son Devin.
There were plenty of laughs and heart warming moments,
But still, I am hoping that 2012 holds a bright and wonderful future.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of just anything,
But I figure, why not try something new?
If I fail, well, at least I will have company with the other 88% of you.
So in the spirit of good sportsmanship,
I have taken a good long look at the things I am discontent about,
And here are a few things I have come up with.

1: Weight – Down.

I’m not going to sit here and whine and say I’m soooo fat, because I’m not.
But three kids in five years have added up to about twenty extra pounds I would be happy to get rid of.
I want to look in the mirror and be happy again, and be able to fit into my wardrobe.
I eat what I want and don’t work out and I am starting to admit to myself its showing.
So in 2012, I’m going to start eating healthier and exercising,
I want to be at my best because, hey, I’m 21 and if I’m not at my best now when the heck will I be?

2: Drama – Minimized

This year had a lot of ups and downs and more DRAMA that I know how to deal with. Some things are genuinely unavoidable, but this year, I am going to try to focus on myself, my kids, my home, my new business, and my husband. With all that going on who has time for other peoples stuff?

3: Spirituality – Heightened

Superficiality has never been my thing, and I this year, I want more. I want to get to deeper levels with my relationship with God. I want to experience new things I have never felt, touch unfathomed levels of intimacy, overwhelming explosions of passion.

4: Blog – On the Regular

This blog has been amazingly, and rather surprisingly therapeutic for me over the last four months since its birth. So, inspired by a quest my sister conquered a few years ago, in 2012 you can look forward to an entry, every day. Thats right fans and friends I am going to chronicle my thoughts, pet-peeves and experiences in 365 entries for your viewing pleasure.

There are plenty more things I could rattle off that I hope to accomplish or fix, right down to watching tv less or my of my bad habit of staying up too late but I mean, no need to leave 2013 hanging high and dry right? We have to save a few things for her.

What about you? Do you believe that a New Year means a New You? Are you making a resolution for 2012?

Would love your feedback =)
They say people with friends to share in their goals, are much more likely to succeed.

Cant wait to see what 2012 holds for me, and all of you.


2 Responses to “New Year, New you?”

  1. Great goals… Looking forward to your daily blog posts! And living closer to you by the end of the year! Yay!

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