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Showers of Blessings January 1, 2012

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Its 2012, Woohoo!
I must admit, I am really excited to start a new year in the book of my life.
I’m not naive enough to believe that everything I don’t like will be different,
And that everything I do want will magically fall into my lap because we have hung up a new calendar,
But I am still hopeful, no, expectant of great things.

We move into the future with small reminders of just how blessed we truly are, in everything that makes up the lives we live, big or small.
I sit on the couch that was given to us by my brother and sister in-law when we first married and would never have been able to afford to buy one for ourselves, reminded of how the generosity of those we love can make such a difference.
I am surrounded by the walls my husband and I spent hours and hours, late into the night painting with my huge, eight months pregnant belly. I was too large to bend over for more than a few minutes, so even with my husband so busy with full-time school and work, he still took the time to help me edge and paint and tape the trim of every wall in our apartment. It feels that much more like home to me because of all the hard work we both put into it; I love it.

There are countless other ways that I have been blessed with so much. I am surrounded by my beautiful family of an insanely handsome husband and three beautiful little boys. I have friends and extended family that gives Abraham a run for his money in their numbers. I have a lovely home, a functional vehicle, a church that I can grow in and learn in I am surrounded by love and life and happiness, and every need I or my family has is more than met.
I am showered with blessings every day I wake up to healthy, happy little ones and the love of my life next to me.

If there was one thing my Dad’s stroke taught me in 2011 its that life is shorter than we will ever realize, and everything we know and love can be gone in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so taking people for granted should never be an option. ;

This year, I’m going to challenge myself to find one new thing everyday I am thankful for. Something small, something big. But at the end of each day for my Blog 365 I want to remember that no matter what happens, I am blessed in more ways than the sand in the seashore.

Blessing 1: My Family ❤
I don't know what I would ever do without my guys, and I hope I NEVER find out. They are my sunshine; the beauty and wonder and light of my every moment.

This year, no matter what's in store, try to find the good and purpose God has for you. Nothing is by chance, but by design. Look at the bigger picture. I encourage each of you to join my in my project #Blessings365, and find some way God has blessed you every day in 2012. You may be surprised how many things you can come up with, and the difference focusing on the good in your life can make. Perspective is everything, so make sure yours is in the right place.

So lets have it? Whats something you are thankful for today? Whats a blessing God has given you?


2 Responses to “Showers of Blessings”

  1. Patsy Says:

    I am thankful for many things…but at this moment, I am so very thankful for my amazing sister-in-law!! You are an incredible writer! I am so proud of you!! I love you!

    • Thank you so much!!!! I am so grateful for such an incredible sister in-law also!!! You are one of the kindest, sweetest, most genuinely beautiful people I have ever known, inside and out. I can only hope to one day be half the woman of God, wife and mother you are. I love you so much! Thank you so much for reading!!!! =]

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