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Duty Bound January 3, 2012

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It’s winter.
Snow covers the ground in a light layer of pristine white.
Ice makes the world look enchanted
The air has turned crisp and cold, and the days grow increasingly shorter.
It’s also “flu season” and people are getting sick more frequently.
Posters and commercials are everywhere,
Asking you “Who Will You Vaccinate For?”
The models in the adds wear their bandaids like a badge of honor,
Proud to have sacrificed for whomever they want to protect.

My father is a chiropractor,
He believes very strongly in homeopathic therapy for just about any ailment.
Growing up, we let nature run its course with fevers and coughs.
We ate extremely healthy food (my mom ground her own flour for homemade bread), took vitamins and did our best to keep our immune systems strong.
We NEVER went to the doctor,
And we NEVER took medicine.
So for my parents, it was the natural decision not to vaccinate their children.
They didn’t believe “injecting poisons into your child’s body” was a safe method of disease prevention.

I grew up with that mindset,
Vaccines were bad.
But as I became an adult,
And started having children of my own,
I had to question my beliefs about the way I was raised,
Just as each of you have done with your own kids.
Its a parents job to determine the way they want their kids to be raised;
Time outs or Spankings?
Structure or Free Play?
Crib or Co-Sleeping?
Breastfeed or Bottle?
Thousands of choices, big and small every day on what will produce the healthiest, happiest and absolute best version of our offspring.

Vaccines were another one of the choices that I needed to weigh the pros and cons of.
For many people, their baby getting vaccines is as normal and unquestionable as their child being fed or taking naps.
It is something doctors recommend,
Therefore we, as parents, should not question it.
Call me hard headed but when it comes to my kids,
I had questions that I needed answered before I handed them over to be injected with what I grew up knowing as “poisons.”

So I set out to find answers:
What exactly is a vaccine?
How does it work?
What are the ingredients?
How effective is it?
How is it made?
What are the REAL potential side effects?
I assumed these were basic questions, and that in this day and age where everything you want is as simple as a search on Google, I would easily be able to find answers.
I was wrong.

I started with my child’s doctor who spouted off a lame endorsement how they were perfectly safe without any side effects. His answer was dismissive and resembled the add I imagined was printed on the vaccine pamphlets, or the type of answer I would expect from the company’s drug reps.
Slightly frustrated I then began researching online, and was both shocked and alarmed at what I found.

I started with the ingredients and was met with a lot of words I had never understood and didn’t understand the meaning of. I found a website that broke the ingredients down, accompanied by the phone numbers of the makers of each vaccine to call and fact check if desired.

I was horrified to discover what the vaccines contained:

Chick embryos and embryonic fluids
Monkey Kidneys and parts of Monkey Fetal Tissue
Sheep’s Blood
Calf Serum (Fluids from a Calf’s skin).
These sounded like a potion you would read about in Macbeth, not the ingredients of something that respected doctors around the globe revere as the foundation of health and well being for our children.
Some of you may ask, well whats the big deal?
We eat those things,
They go into our bodies all the time right?
Well, there is a huge difference between eating something that has a clear point of entry and exit, And injecting something into the blood stream. It becomes a part of you. Our bodies were not meant to have poisons and viruses (dead or alive) being voluntarily injected into our veins.
Unfortunately, that list wasn’t even the most alarming ingredient that I found, and shockingly enough, this particular ingredient is found in the majority of vaccines: aborted fetal tissue.

I am strongly Pro-Life. I believe that every life was created and designed for a specific purpose by God, and to intentionally end a human life for any reason is murder. The thought that vaccine companies benefit from the murder of precious life and use those tiny bodies as fillers in a vaccine to be injected into other humans is just twisted. I don’t understand how others who I know are also strongly pro-life will willingly support the vaccine industry knowing that they contain parts of our own species. It breaks my heart to know how many lives have been meaninglessly and selfishly sacrificed, only to then be used in vaccines.

After the ingredient list I then took a look at the potential side effects and found a range of things including but not limited to:
Fevers up to 106 degrees
Projectile Vomiting
Breathing Problems
Brain Damage
Bells Palsy
AIDS like immune deficiecy problems

These are just a few of the most alarming risks. Studies have found many more in-depth potential side effects that the CDC has yet to acknowledge, but incidents of which are reported in approximately 11,000-12,000 cases each year, not to mention thousands of other cases that go unreported.

The worst part in all this to me is that by the time an child is just two years old they will have received almost 30 rounds of shots. A child’s immune system is weak at birth, and considering the breastfeeding rate (which helps boost immune systems and fight off disease) is
shockingly low how can these youngsters fight off the poisons we inject?
At 12 months less than eight percent of U.S women are exclusively breastfeeding. This is very troubling. The side effects are so scary, and babies are so helpless.

I understand the reasons behind vaccines, and on paper it makes sense. Disease is bad, and we don’t want our children to contract diseases. We want our kids to be healthy. But if what we are doing is truly beneficial, then why are we THE SICKEST developed country in the world? And out of all of those children, did you know that over all unvaccinated children are actually healthier than vaccinated children?
Of course vaccines are not solely to blame for the compromised health in our country. Diet, exercise, genetics, pollution, and countless other factors play into these statistics, but compromising our immune systems from birth just seems unreasonable to me.

I believe the choice to vaccinate is that of the parents. It should be about personal conviction and about the risks you are willing to accept. There will always be illness in the world. Yes, its terrifying to think that your child may be at risk, but the truth is that vaccines don’t even always work, and so there simply are no guarantees. I believe the best defense to fighting disease is a healthy lifestyle and environment, not injecting yourself with chemicals and poison and all kinds of body parts from animals and humans.

At the end of all my research, I chose not to vaccinate my kids. Because ultimately, if my children contracted a disease then, yes, I would be devastated; but how would I feel if my child suffered from an incurable side effect and possibly even death because of something I allowed to be injected into them? I just don’t think I could live with that. In addition to the pressing reality that it could all be for nothing, because the vaccines quite simply don’t always work.

The concept of vaccines is a good one. We want to be greater than disease, and we feel science is the way to go. But the secrets, the politics, the “Accidental Contaminations” and the revolting ingredients? Its time to re-evaluate the way we do things. It’s time to be honest with ourselves about the risks that we are taking, so we as parents have the ability to make a truly informed decision.

What do you think? Are parents “Duty Bound” to vaccinate their children? Does the vaccine industry need more accountability? Do you think there is anything wrong with what they use as “fillers?” How do you feel about the side effects? How would you feel if it happened to your child?


Blessing 3: Healthy Children
-I am so grateful for three beautiful little boys that are healthy and happy. I pray that never changes.


6 Responses to “Duty Bound”

  1. Simply amazing… The things we don’t know will hurt us but I’m glad to married to someone getting the word out. 😀

    • *blushes* You are too good to me. Thanks for listening to all my rants and supporting me as I figure all this stuff out. So grateful to share my knowledge with others and hopefully make a difference in peoples lives.

  2. Sarah Wolf Says:

    I loved this! We (my siblings and I) have never gotten any vaccinations. I believe the same as you!

  3. lyss195 Says:

    love this. Thanks for posting. I wish more people would get out there and research, instead of just believing whatever their doctor tells them.

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