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A Joyful Heart Is Good Medicine… January 5, 2012

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…And with this in mind, I am thinking today I could use a good laugh (who couldn’t?)

Because when your day has been all kinds of rotten,
You are tired and worn out,
Your patience is thin,
And with today being Thursday you wish more than ANYTHING it was actually Friday.
A laugh is the only thing you can do to stay sane.

I’m feeling a little stressed today, which is resulting in me being a little short for words;
So todays entry will be a little different.
When I am feeling down I like to count my blessings,
And what am I thankful for today?
The fact that I am not featured on The People of Wal-Mart, but also so thankful for the hilarious SMH photos and stories on this site.

Laugh till you cry and enjoy the hilarious things that no person should ever do, say, or especially WEAR.

Below are a few of my personal favorites, click the link above to view TONS more =)

Blessing 5: Having Class
-We all have what Glamour magazine calls “Don’t Days,” but I am ever so thankful to have at least the common sense to, you know, not leave the house with the bottom four inches of my butt showing etc.








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