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Life Would Be A Whole Lot Easier If…. January 8, 2012

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We could freeze time.

We could go without sleep…

Or only needed like an hour of rest to be at 100%

If we never got sick.

If we could pause, rewind, or fast forward through certain parts of life (although Click taught us a few things about what THAT would be like).

If laundry, dishes, and diapers were self-cleaning.

If housework could be like a weekly or monthly thing without the house getting gross.

If cars and all their parts were free.

If babies slept through the night from birth…

And if small children understood AND shared adults desire to sleep in.

If pregnancy hormones didn’t make every aspect of my body feel a complete upside, outside, inside mess.

If nightmares didn’t exist.

If potty training just happened automatically, from birth lol.

What about you?

What would make YOUR life a whole lot easier?

Because sometimes its just fun to laugh at ourselves and wish for the little that things that would give us all a smoother ride.


Blessing 8: My Bed
-The giant king size, memory foam wonder that gives me a great nights sleep (when Devin decides to cooperate) and is big enough for my entire family to cuddle in each morning….
In fact, its so great, I cant stay away. I am heading there right now.

Buenos Noches! =)


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