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Ugh January 12, 2012

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Well, it’s official. Tonight I hate food.
I have been holding back the urge to lose it all day,
And I now remember all too well why, as much as I adore the end result,
I absolutely hate being pregnant.
I know that sounds terrible and so un-motherly but its the truth,
And hey, I’m not afraid of transparency (as we all know).
Not only have I been dealing with poor sick Devin for the last two days (who is now doing much better, thanks for everyone for their prayers),
But today one of my day-care kids got sick too (everywhere).
Poor little guys.
It is so frustrating and hard sometimes.
Life in general is so hard sometimes.
I don’t really handle being sick well,
And with Devin I was sick THE ENTIRE nine months,
And deep down I am terrified that will happen again this time.
Please keep me in your prayers,
I tend to get prone to depression when I am sick,
So I am trying my hardest to just focus on the positive.
For tonight though, I am getting some much needed sleep.
I just keep hoping for a better tomorrow,
And one of these days I promise I will start writing decently lengthened blogs again.
Until then, buenos noches.


Blessing 12: Breath
No matter what goes wrong and how hard it all seems, there is still air in my lungs (even when there is no food left in my belly) and for that I’m grateful.


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