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Glory Forgotten January 15, 2012

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It is so easy to go about our lives and forget about the days gone by.
It is so easy to forget what was sacrificed for all we have today.
I cannot begin to tell you,
The unspeakable gratitude I feel for those who fought,
For those who sacrificed,
For those who died.
If it weren’t for those men,
And for their valor and honor.
I don’t even want to think about what my world would be like.
As I look at my gorgeous mixed babies,
And my beautiful, dark husband,
All I can feel is reverence,
And love.
I wont forget the people who fought for freedom,
The people who are still fighting;
The people who fight for equality,
The people who fight to protect those who cannot fight for themselves.
Glory to God,
All victories of noble men;
May His blessing be forever on their lives
And on the memories of those who have past.



Blessing 15: Freedom
– The beautiful life I have been blessed with wouldn’t be possible without freedom. I am glad I can hold my husbands hand and see the most amazing chocolate and vanilla swirl. I am glad it is legal for us to be married, and bear children, and be proud of who we are, together.

PS: I highly recommend you all watch the movie Glory, tug on your heart strings and make you realize our history, and how much was given up for us all to live in the America we do today.


One Response to “Glory Forgotten”

  1. Powerful movie… Even more powerful message.

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