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Free Speech Is Precious January 18, 2012

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Don’t stand by and let it disappear.
The SOPA PIPA strike is EVERYWHERE today,
And Some of you may be getting very tired of hearing about it,
But you know why everyone is freaking out?
Because it is a VERY big deal.
You see the bill puts the responsibility for making sure any and all copy-write infringement laws are strictly adhered to on the owners of websites.
If a report of any violation is found then the website is completely shut down until the content is removed by the government.
That would add a great deal of extra expense to websites, and make it virtually impossible for many websites to survive at all.
Do you know what that means?
Websites like YouTube, Wikipedia and Twitter will no longer exist,
Because all it would take is one persons mistake and *poof* the site is shut down pending investigation.
Thats lunacy.
It also opens the door for the government to begin shutting down sites that they don’t feel benefit the country (China anyone?).
Violators of SOPA can be forcibly removed from search engines data base and any foreign website that is found to have suspected copywrited content can be banned nationwide.
This would literally be life changing.
The way information is conveyed would change forever.
I encourage each of you to take a moment to Tweet, email or call your local Representative and let them know you want them to vote NO for SOPA.
Don’t know who your Rep. is?
Go to and just type in your zip code.
All of the info pops right up for you, it’s that simple.

Some of you may not really care about politics but you know what?
If you don’t care about the laws made in our country that you, and I and our children have to live with you are either:
A) Too Lazy to care and want all of your decisions made for you
B) Too Self-Centered to think about the future and what the generations to come have to live with.

Be offended by that if you choose, but thats honestly how I feel. I am so tired of people, and ESPECIALLY women taking a back seat and living our own little lives while our future and the future of our kids is decided for us by people who DO NOT have our best interest at heart.



Blessing 18: Free Speech
-I am so glad I can post this without having to worry about my site getting shut down. I love the internet, lets protect it and keep it OURS instead of handing it over to the government.


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