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Ice Cream Cake January 22, 2012

Filed under: Blog 365,Family,Life,Random,Thoughts — faithfamilyfearlessness @ 10:39 pm

We celebrated my oldest sister’s birthday tonight,
A low key affair of the Guinn tribe, my Dad and my baby sister Anna at the Gratcyk home.
I love little get togethers like this.
Delicious food (compliments of my brother in-law and even more amazing because I didn’t have to cook or clean up *yay*).
But just being together.
Having conversations about the little things,
Sharing our opinions even when they are different and loving being all together without stress or pressure.
Even though I did steal a fifteen minute power nap between dinner and dessert I would say it was a wonderful night.
And I am reminded once again how blessed I truly am for the beautiful, loving family God has blessed me with.


Blessing 22: Ice Cream Cake
-Ummmm yummy!!! Especially Oreo. Its a perfect addition to any birthday party.



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