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Bad Combos January 24, 2012

Filed under: Blog 365,Family,Inspirational,Life,Random,Thoughts — faithfamilyfearlessness @ 9:34 pm

Bad combinations are not hard to find.
Mustard and chocolate.
Barney music and a teenage party.
Nausea and a head cold….
That last one is the one I am fighting with tonight.
I am so tired and feel completely disgusting.
I don’t mean to complain,
But c’mon, really?
Still hanging in there,
And I know so well, it could be so much worse.
I have felt so much worse.
And I’m trying to remember that;
Keeping my eyes on the silver lining.
That all of this vomit,
And feeling like I just may die;
All the pain and torture and soreness,
Leads to an amazing life.
All the energy and great feelings of health and happiness and being transferred into another human being,
Creating something amazing.
I’ll be keeping my head up.
But keep me in your prayers.



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