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Question Part: 2 January 26, 2012

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Last night I asked you some questions, and I hope you gave them a good long thought.
See, I believe you have to parent with a purpose.
You have to be thinking about an end goal and where you want to end up.
Now, no. I am not one of those mothers who drills my toddlers for hours each evening to ensure that their college applications are pristine.
But I am someone who believes in goals and that somewhere in the back of your mind and heart, as you are getting through the mundane, every day craziness that is parenthood, you should know where you are headed.

With this in mind the first question I asked you was

Question 1:
Other than a personal relationship with Christ, what do you feel is the most important thing that you hope to impart to your children (or future kids if you don’t have any)?

I said other than a relationship with Christ, because for me and most other christians I know thats a given. Some of you may not share my faith and so that doesn’t apply to you, so I am looking for a more universal but still personal answer.

For me, the one thing I hope I teach my kids is how to be men of character. I want them to honest. I want them to love deeply and purely. I want them to be patient and kind.
I want them to live the Golden Rule every day:
“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”
I want the fruit of spirit to be a part of who they are:
and Self-Control

I think when you are a person of character and integrity, the rest of your life just kind of falls into place. Because when you have a moral code, and a set of values you abide by, choices aren’t nearly as difficult: you already know whats right.

Question 2:
What is the one thing you hope your children will be most proud of in you?

For me, I hope that my children will be proud of the sacrifice and determination to do the right thing and make the most of every situation. I am still very young, and my story and theirs has a long way to go, but as of today, I know I have done everything in my power to make sure that my family comes first and have the best life possible.

My kids are loved. They have a roof over their heads and clothes to wear. They have been blessed with so many things. I don’t believe in going out every night. If my kids wake up scared at night, mommy and daddy are always there to comfort them. If they need a hug, our arms are always open. We certainly aren’t perfect parents, but my kids have a good life. And no matter what, I want them to always remember that our family came first no matter what.

Question 3:
What is the one way that you hope your children be most like you?
And what is the one way you hope they will not?

I hope my children will have my heart for others. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, because no matter what you have going on if I can help you I will. I love people, and I hate to see others hurting. I hope my children learn to have compassion for others and do whatever they can to be Jesus to people in need.

On the same note, I hope my children learn to master how to guard their hearts from the wrong people. I care too much about what other people think. I feel left out and rejected very easily. I get hurt because I let too many people in, and get taken advantage of in the long run.

What about you?

What are your hopes and thoughts and aspirations?

In twenty years, looking back on your kids childhood or thinking about your future children, what is the story you hope they have?


Blessing 26: Lessons
-They hurt, they stink, but in the end they make us that much stronger and make our stories that much more amazing.


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