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Ode to Food January 28, 2012

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We used to be the best of friends,
Inseparable, you and I.
You used to bring me so much joy,
Every day was a new adventure.
Now all my stomach feels is empty,
And all you do is make me ill.
I hate this feeling of misery,
I hate feeling so helpless.
You used to bring so much spice to life,
And now all you bring is pain.
I am starting to hate you,
Slowly but surely,
Growing more and more miserable each day.
But still I know someday,
We will reunite.
Because like it or not I need you,
Like I need each breath of life.
So tonight I will go to bed miserable,
Trying not to dwell on the past,
And of all the good memories you and I had
Before morning sickness set in.



Blessing 28: Food
-And even when I hate it, I am glad I always have it


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