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11 Weeks And Counting January 29, 2012

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This is what our baby looks like right about now.
4 CM. long and growing more and more every day,
It’s so crazy.
Even though this weekend, like most lately,
Seems to be me exhausted and trying to recoup from the rest of the week,
It’s so comforting to have a little visual of my sweet little angel.
So precious,
And so exciting.
Even as I watch my three little men running (and crawling) around I see how incredibly unique they are,
And every day I fall in love with them all over again.
I can’t wait to meet our newest addition and discover the person he or she will become.
Well, Mama needs some rest.


Blessing 29: Reminders
-Sometimes subtle, and sometimes blatant, but always serving the purpose of getting us back on track and our focus wherever it needs to be.


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