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Only 200 Days… January 30, 2012

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Today marks 200 days until I am no longer pregnant.
Now, I know what you are thinking,
Can this chick talk about ANYTHING else?
But the truth is, there is not a whole lot else on my mind.
When every minute is a battle to keep whatever small amount of anything in my stomach,
ALL I am thinking is, yes, the end of this road.
Mel and I have talked a great deal about whether or not we want this baby to be our last.
Four is, after all, a nice even number.
And on one hand I think, yay! no more nausea and labor pains!
But then I remember the tiny pink thing so innocent and perfect,
That first cry and those amazing first moments.
Will this really be the last child I breastfeed?
Will this really be the last baby I feel moving in my womb?
Its a strange thing to think about,
And it feels so permanent and monumental.
Jury is still out a little I guess,
All though being finished might be less enticing if I could eat anything.
200 more days…
We have some thinking to do.



Blessing 30: That to every struggle there is a reward, every valley has a mountain top, every trial has a purpose.


2 Responses to “Only 200 Days…”

  1. Well, there’s one way to see the glass as half full. 🙂 Hope you start feeling better a lot sooner than 200 days!

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