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Taking a Stand January 31, 2012

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I’m not usually one to write political blogs,
But today something has definitely lit my fire.

Planned Parenthood has countless Americans fooled.
People genuinely believe that they are this wonderful, non-profit organization whose goal is make women’s lives better and provide healthcare for low income women.
Is this the truth?
Absolutely not.
Their staff is trained to do whatever it takes to get and keep a client,
To have them buy birth control and then when the birth control doesn’t work to come to them for their abortions.
Something that has always interested me is the way it was founded.
A notorious racist and white supremacist who Planned Parenthood to this day trumpets as a crusader for women’s rights.
Her goal was for racial purification, ya know, just like Hitler.
Some of her most shocking quotes are found here.
And the sad thing is, these were published works.
She was a sick, twisted individual and the organization she founded is a perfect extension of her.

Today, it seems the entire nation is literally split in half.
Pro-Choice people are outraged and Pro-Life people are overjoyed.
Why all the fuss?
Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation for fraud,
And for mismanagement of federal grants meant for healthcare being illegally put towards abortions instead.
The Susan G. Komen foundation has a strict policy that they do not donate towards any organization under any type of investigation by local, state of federal law enforcement.
Because of this investigation SGK has chosen to end its partnership with PP.

I am strongly Pro-Life.
I believe that every child deserves the right to live,
Regardless of the circumstances of their conception.
And so I personally am thrilled by this announcement.
People are angry, spewing hateful, horrible things about the organizations decision.
I think they made a good choice.
An organization being investigated for fraud should NOT continue to receive millions of dollars in tax payers money and American citizens donations.
It’s unthinkable.
This is the first in hopefully, many other organizations steps in the right direction.
The funds they would have sent to Planned Parenthood can now go towards other organizations who can help low-income women without an agenda.
Because let’s face facts, Planned Parenthood does NOT have the best interests of women in mind.
A prime example of this is with the video busts
made last year at Planned Parenthoods on the east coast.
They have been reprimanded numerous times for covering up incest, statutory rape and rape all in the name of abortion on demand.
It’s sick and twisted.
There are no repercussions for their behavior,
For their beliefs that all that matters are the bonuses they receive for preforming abortions.
I cant understand how people so openly support them and their cause when it is so damaging emotionally and physically to women.

I’m glad that there are still organizations in this country with moral conscience.
That people still have a heart and believe in something more than “choice.”
I am so glad someone has the guts to stand up to the corruption and evil that planned Parenthood so vaguely masks.

I don’t understand how people can be so naive to believe if they are defunded that low income women wont get healthcare anymore.
There are hundreds of thousands of clinics and hospitals who would benefit tremendously from any of the donations that Susan G. Komen now has at their disposal and who would actually HELP women, not hurt them.
The corruption has to end, and as long as we continue to give them money, it never will.

Because in the search for finding a cure,
We must put our trust in reputable organizations who value life and love women and families.
We must give our money to organizations who will do whatever they can to help people,
Not just make money.
I know I will be supporting Susan G. Komen, I hope you will too.



Blessing 31: Choices

-I’m so grateful my mom made the right one.


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