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Leap Day ’12 February 29, 2012

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So it’s Leap Day.
That day that only comes once every four years,
And I have all my life felt sorry for people who were born on this day since the other three years their birthday’s simply don’t exist.
Normally, I’m like “Oh whoopie, an extra day in February” (note: totally sarcastic, I hate winter so prolonging it is not what I would call a good idea.
But today was an exception, and I am so grateful for this extra little bloop on the calendar.
A 62 degree day in February in NWI is, well, unheard of.
It was like a magical gift of a spring preview from God himself.
Sunny, breezy, and simply beautiful.
We spent the day at the park and playing in the backyard,
Enjoying more fresh air than we have had since literally November.
It was heavenly.
If every winter was like the one we have had this year I wouldn’t despise my home climate nearly as much.
Mild, light on the snow, and days like this poking through the bleak cloudy blanket that covers a typical winter day.
Yes please.
March begins tomorrow and I am so excited.
I know what they say,
“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”
I’m hoping this year is different and we just have a purely “lamb” kind of month.
Can you tell I am itching for spring?
I’m so eager to enjoy the beautiful weather and just let my overly-energized little muchkins run as wild and crazy as their little hearts desire.
Let’s get the cold thing over with asap.
Please and thank you ; )


Blessing 57: Sunshine
-When the rays hit your face it’s like God Himself is smiling down on you, brightening the whole world with His glory.


Busy Bee February 28, 2012

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With my nausea slowly loosening its morbid grip on my body,
I am gradually returning to the life that was once mine.
The crazy, hectic life that has been put on pause the last two months as I was in survival mode, but must now be reclaimed.
Reality is a stinker like that.
I missed being able to do simple things like errands and laundry but now that I have been having some good days and am able, I find the tiniest part of my silly self whining internally.
I don’t wanna!
Talk about “the grass is always greener syndrome.”
Even without throwing up I am exhausted at the end of the day.
But, fortunately it is a different kind of exhausted,
And for the change I am soooo grateful.
Despite my lazy side grumbling that I cant veg and watch Netfix it felt so good to be out and feel something that slightly resembled normal.
Such a concept, feeling nothing.
Not feeling sick or ecstatic or especially happy,
Not really hungry or full or overly tired;
Being content, and peaceful
And feeling like me.
Oh the things we take for granted when we lose them for a while.
But I am feeling revitalized and oddly excited about this tired feeling that is making it extremely difficult to focus on my iPad’s screen.
It’s not like a “malnourished, throwing up from dawn until dusk tired”;
It’s an,”I accomplished a lot today, even if it was just a lot of tiny things, and it feels great</strong" kind of tired.
I like this kind.
Bring on the mopping, the cleaning out the fridge and Mount Clean Laundry to fold and put away.
I've got this.
Tomorrow is a new day of moving on to the next phase.
I can't wait.


Blessing 56: Normal
-That wonderful feeling of just feeling right, and content, and like the body is all functioning as it should be.


Pancake Dinner February 27, 2012

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Well, we went out to dinner tonight.
I was feeling brave and craving a nice big breakfast for dinner.
Pancakes, Eggs, Hashbrowns and Bacon.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account one minor detail.
Breakfast is in the morning, and while you can order it all day the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns that we ate at about 7:00 pm had probably been sitting in the kitchen since noon.
My hot, delicious wonderful breakfast was a huge let down to say the least.
But on the bright side,
I was well enough to go to the restaurant and at least nibble at my meal,
Without becoming physically ill.
I know that this pregnancy has a ways to go and a lot of trials ahead,
But I am so grateful to be feeling at least a step or two closer to functional.


Blessing 36: Breakfast food
-One of the smallest, simplest, most wonderful little comforts to the belly.


Kid’s Birthday’s February 26, 2012

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Today we celebrated our nieces fourth birthday.
Kid’s birthdays are truly the best.
The closest thing to magical that the real world holds.
The excitement and anticipation,
The gifts filled with untold surprises.
The simple joys being young,
When everything is something amazing.
I miss seeing the world through eyes so innocent.
It made me so happy to see the kids all having such a great time.
Just playing and running and laughing,
Absolutely nothing else to think about but whatever is in front of them.
That is fun.
That is real fun.
The purest most wonderful kind,
Where all you have to think about is enjoying the life that you live.


Blessing 55: Presents
-Shiny and pretty and full of mystery and wonder.


Late Night Convos

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Can’t remember the last time I stayed on the phone until almost 1:00 am.
But glad I got to do it talking to my big sister.
Love catching up,
And just talking about life.

#Blessings 365

Blessing 54: Phone calls
-Hearing a voice of someone you love soothes the soul


Bones-A-Thon February 24, 2012

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Today I have been feeling over all better than I have been in a while.
I take it as a gift from God and nothing less,
Because trust me to say I have been feeling down is quite an understatement.
I was able to catch up on some housework and organize the boys room,
Do some laundry too.
You know, basic things healthy people take for granted as simply being annoying but sick and weak people literally often cannot muster the strength to accomplish.
I have not vomited at all today and feel oddly less stressed than I have in a while.
I have been praying fervently for some peace and mental strength because I have been on edge for a few weeks now,
And today was nothing but an answer to those prayers.
I really needed a good day,
Because Lord knows I haven’t seen one in a while.
I wont say this is going to be all sunshine from now on,
Because for me my morning sickness has up days and down days.
Today was very much an up kind of day,
And who knows,
Tomorrow I could wake up flat on my behind again,
But I’m not going to think about that.
Tomorrow can worry about itself.
Instead, I am going to be thankful I got get some things accomplished,
And end my day snuggling my boys,
Followed by a Bones-A-Thon (marathon of recent Bones episodes from season 7, I heart that show) on Hulu and some awesome cherry cheesecake I was actually able to enjoy and keep down.


Blessing 54: Cherry Cheesecake
-Even me sick and pregnant enjoys it. Its that delicious.


Feb. 23rd

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Went to the Dr.
Dizziness is less severe but still feeling extremely unpleasant when it does happen.
Hopefully that goes away like asap.
Lost sixteen pounds in about five weeks,
Not trying to,
But I guess throwing up a lot and no appetite has side effects.
Don’t recommend it for anyone, ever.
Bright side,
More anti-nausea meds so hey, hopefully I will feeling a little better soon.


Blessing 53: Zofran
-The miraculous anti-nausea drug I am not allergic to *yay* and that actually helps me (most of the time).