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Venom February 1, 2012

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As yesterday turned into today the media attention has swollen to a frenzy.
I have seen countless blogs and tweets,
Article after article and two petitions to my email inbox alone.
The Susan G. Komen Foundation has cut ties with Planned Parenthood,
And people are freaking out.

Those of you who follow me on FB or Twitter have seen I have posted quite a few articles on the topic in the last 36 hours,
And wrote a blog about it just yesterday.
But what I want to talk about today is a little bit of a different side of the issue.
I read a blog today commending SGK on their recent decision.
The comment section on her blog was almost immediately flooded with comments of people saying things ranging from calling her “shameful, an idiot, a disgrace to the human race, that she deserved to be killed…” The insults go on and on and on.
The same was true with the facebook page for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
When I posted an article on my Twitter regarding the topic, a random stranger from somewhere in the US saw it and tweeted me “You and your horse teeth deserve to be killed.”
The insults and hate flowed like a waterfall,
So intense it was actually shocking.
I know some people do not agree with SGK’s decision,
But why do they feel the need to treat others so horrendously simply because they have different points of view?
Why is it that instead of simply stating their opinion, people feel the need to spew venom?
The anger, the hate, the intolerance that they accuse pro-life individuals of is the most blatant in their statements and attitudes.

Why do we hate what is different from us?
I don’t agree with Pro-Choice,
And if given the opportunity I would share my beliefs and convictions openly,
But I would never write hateful, heartless insults and curses to strangers, or anyone else, simply because they have a different opinion than I do.
It’s not that I don’t understand being frustrated and upset,
But does anyone honestly believe that name calling and using offensive language and insults they will change anyones mind or heart?
Of course not.
So what is the point?
Is it just venting?
Is it that the internet allows people the freedom to say what they want without any accountability?

Whatever it is, its wrong.
There just isn’t an excuse to treat people like anything less than that, people.
People have feelings, a story, and every single one of us is going through their own private battles.
When we tear people down and are so ruthless and hateful,
We are no better than a school yard bully,
And the things we say to them are usually applicable only to ourselves.

We have to get past the name calling and hate.
If you ever hope to change the world do you think anyone will listen to you if all you do is belittle them?
It wont happen.
Open your eyes people.
Love people to life.
Speak the truth, but do it in love, not hate.



Blessing 32: Hope
-That the hardest decisions are the most worthwhile, and hopefully more organizations choose to stand up for a brighter future so that my kids may live in a world that is pro-life, not pro-selfishness


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