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Calm in the Storm February 2, 2012

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So much is going on today,
It makes my head spin a little.
I feel like I don’t have the time or energy to even hear myself think.
The housework is piling up and errands are going without being run,
And I am getting this awful feeling of losing control.
You see, women make our homes our havens.
We decorate and organize and arrange and get everything exactly how we want things,
And then we keep them that way.
When everything in my home is done,
I feel this overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
I feel like no matter what chaos surrounds me my home is still my own,
I’m in control and that things are going to be okay.
Sadly, as I am constantly reminded,
I am not in control of my life.
I might think I am sometimes but its all one big fat illusion.
And when I am feeling sick 24/7 it makes it next to impossible to get everything that normal, healthy me would have no problem with done.
Grocery shopping feels like a marathon with three kids in tow.
My energy level is like a 10 when my kids require me to be at 100.
So I fake it,
And sometimes I fail miserably.
But God has blessed me with the best kids ever,
And they are troopers who help mommy and do what they can to be good.
I couldn’t be more honored than to be their mother.
If only the laundry and dishes and floors could clean themselves,
Life would be so much easier.

All I have been able to stomach today is Lucky Charms and some juice,
So my wave of exhaustion may just be from being soooo hungry.
But the thought of anything (especially meat for some reason) immediately induces my gag reflex.
This is all going to be okay,
And eventually (hopefully sooner than later) my home will be back in the beautiful,
Clean and organized state I have grown accustomed to.
I just have to relax,
And take what I can one step at a time.
Because realistically a woman can only handle so much,
Which is why God has only given me one baby at a time =p


Blessing 33: Calm Waters
-The perfect picture of serene, calm and cool; all the things I am not, but with God maybe someday lol.



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