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Dear Friday February 3, 2012

Filed under: Blog 365,Family,Life,Marriage,Parenting,Random,Thoughts — faithfamilyfearlessness @ 11:17 pm

You are a day I look forward to all week,
The sunshine on every cloudy Tuesday.
But this week,
You have failed me miserably.
I am beyond exhausted,
All day it was just one awful thing after another.
Nothing went right,
And my stress level is approximately a 100 out of 10.
Therefore, since you did not even come close to living up to your end of the bargain,
I would like to request a do-over,
Or at least an IOU,
Because after today,
You have some serious making up to do next week.
How about you get started by giving Saturday a nice nudge in the right direction.

A very crabby, tired, disappointed mama with a killer headache.


Blessing 34: There is always next week right?


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