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The Gift of Giving February 4, 2012

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We celebrated my Mom’s birthday today,
And it was such a wonderful day.
We got my mom the gift she has wanted FOREVER,
Like as far back as I can remember;
A remote start for her car.
The look on her face was absolutely priceless,
I will never forget it.
And you know,
It felt so amazing to be able to give her something that she wanted so badly.
My mom has always managed to, somehow, someway,
Give each of her kids anything that they truly wanted.
Even when we didn’t have the money,
She found a way.
We never had those disappointing christmas’s where the gift you wanted the most wasn’t under the tree.
I was never able to really return the favor to her before,
When we were little she usually went without.
But I am so glad that today I got to make my mom truly happy,
And with the help of My wonderful husband and my little sister Bekah give her an amazing surprise.
There is nothing more fun and awesome than being able to bless someone else.
And I will always remember her reaction and how happy it made her.
Yup, today was a very special day for all of us.
My mom does so much,
Everyday for her family.
I am thrilled to be able to make her day for a change.
It really is the little things you know?


Blessing 35: Giving
-The simple joy and fulfillment that you feel in making someone else’s day.



2 Responses to “The Gift of Giving”

  1. Patsy Says:

    That is so true, Naomi!! Your Mom has always been THE BEST at gift giving! She has a special way of knowing the people that she loves so well…and then gives them EXACTLY what they really, really wanted! (My family included) I am so, so happy to see that she has passed on that special-ness to you, and that she was given such a wonderful surprise…one she truly deserves!

    • It is so wonderful being able to bless others, the best feeling on earth by far. And yes, I totally agree. She always seems to know just what to get that will show him or her how much she care, its such an awesome talent/gift. PS: I love you sooo much and miss you! xoxo

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