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Super Bowl Sunday February 5, 2012

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Wonderful day spending time with my family,
I even got to eat some delicious food (and kept it down!).
I love days like this.
I love being able to sit back and rest and spend time with people I love,
Just living life together.
I love watching my kids play together,
How fast they grow up.
And of course, I love a good old match up like today.
Giants vs. Patriots,
Rematch from Super Bowl ’07,
And the Giants won it again.
I’m not really a fan of either team so for me it was fun to just be able to watch them compete and play an amazing game.
And they did well.
Sure, there were some errors and bad plays,
But those guys played their hearts out and gave it all they had.
They did their best,
And Eli silenced the critics once and for all,
Because he now has two Super Bowl Rings
(His brother only has one).
I think its safe to say that Eli no longer has to live in his brother’s shadow;
He has proven once and for all he is a legacy all on his own.
Good for him.
Mostly though, today was wonderful because I got to enjoy my husbands day off with him and our kids,
Being a family and having fun with our friends.
Yup, life is good.
Now if only I was ready for monday, because truthfully I never really am…



Blessing 36: Super Bowl
-The great American past time, the day of sports and fun and food.
Nothing else is quite like it ❤



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