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A Plus of Google+ February 9, 2012

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Got to catch up with my big sis in California today.
Skype was acting all kinds of funky so we tried the Video Hangout function on Google+ and were pleasantly surprised.
You can talk to up to 8 people at once!
I wish more people used it, it is actually better than FB in my opinion.
I love sister talks, they seriously help me get through the hard times.
If for no other reason because I know no matter what I have a life long friend in all my sisters who are always just a phone call, or video chat session away.
So blessed to have such a big family,
I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.



Blessing 39: Video Chat
– Its so amazing to be able to actually SEE my family, wherever they are. My nephews growing older and taller and longer; its one of the most wonderful things and makes the pain of such distance so much more bearable.


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