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The Joys of Boys February 10, 2012

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I grew up in a house with four sisters and a little brother.
Needless to say, five girls plus my mom, the house was filled with girly things,
And all the drama we girls bring.
I spent my childhood playing dress up and Barbies and Doll House.
I loved pink, flowers and fairy tales.
I was the only nine year old I knew who used to watch Anne of Green Gables and Shirley Temple movies and dream of a life in the early 20th century where chivalry thrived and happy endings existed.
There were a few guys friends who came in and out of the lives of the Staub girls,
But for the most part, we had each other.

When I dreamed of my future life with a family the kids rooms were always pink and frilly.
But God had other plans in mind.
Three boys later, I have learned a lot of things about boys and the way they work.
First of all, boys are loud.
Not in the slightly whiney way that girls are (although boys do whine I assure you),
But they come with their own set of unique noises.
If you give a little girl an action figure, she makes cute little voices for it to talk.
If you give a little boy an action figure, he makes grunting, growling sound effects.
Girls love to play with their dolls,
Boys love to wrestle.
This urge to battle, and exhibit karate ninja style skills is heightened whenever boys are exposed to any type of television show (like Power Rangers, or anything featuring a super hero).
Boys have this secret magnetic force that draws every speck of dirt or food to their faces and clothes.
Its amazing really just how quickly they can become a hot mess.
Boys are also very quick to forgive.
They can be mad at each other, throw a punch or a kick, and problem solved.
Maybe a few tears and a little tattling but within a good ten seconds they are right back to being friends.
Boys also have this wonderful ability to make you feel great about yourself.
I know whenever I am feeling down, my boys come to me with their giant chocolate brown eyes and tell me just how beautiful they think I am.
Whenever I cook something (as long as its not spicy because they aren’t big fans of hot things), my kids tell me how I am the best cook ever.
It may seem silly, but praise from children is so genuine.
Kids don’t really get the whole “putting on a front thing.”
They call it how they see it, no sugar coating necessary.
So when my babies tell me things they love about me,
Or how they think I am the best mommy in the whole world,
It makes me so incredibly happy.
I know they aren’t just saying it,
Its truly how they feel.

Now I know some of these precious things will change as my little boys grow,
But truthfully, with each day I fall more in love with my kids.
They are such incredible young men,
And sure, my house full of super heroes and sports isn’t exactly what I imagined as a little girl,
But in my opinion its even better.
They have taught me so much about life and love and happiness.
I know all the names of the Marvel Super Heroes,
And the Power Rangers.
I know the rules of all the major sports (most of them anyway lol).
I know how to referee a wrestling match and exactly what my kids amazing creations with their Lego’s actually are.
But more importantly,
I know the songs my boys like the be sung before bed.
How to comfort them after a nightmare.
What their favorite stuffed animals are.
What their favorite meals are.
I know the kids names Anthony plays with at school,
And the little girl Jordan thinks it pretty from his sunday school class.
I know how to decipher Devin’s many types of whines and cries.
I am a mommy.
Its the most amazing name in the world,
And the little ones who call me that have taught me exactly what it means.



Blessing 41: Boys
-And how different they are from girl. Thank goodness.


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