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Valentines and Egg Drop Soup February 13, 2012

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Still feeling under the weather,
But much better than yesterday.
Spent my evening making Valentines goody bags for Anthony’s preschool tomorrow.
He was so excited to get to pick out his very own Valentines at the store for his friends.
Naturally, being his father’s son he picked some from the new movie the Avengers.
I must admit I am awfully excited for this movie to come out,
And yes, I don’t care if that makes me sound like a huge nerd.
Parenting is all about sacrifice and doing things even when you don’t feel up to it,
Today was just another example.
I must tell you though, I am blessed with the most amazing children and husband on this earth,
But since last night I was also reminded what a wonderful mother I have.
She came over when I was too sick to walk and helped me get well,
Bought me peppermint scented candles to ease my stomach,
Made me lunch (delicious egg drop soup)
and took Anthony to and from school.
She is so great, and I am so blessed to live near her so that when I am truly in need I have a shoulder to lean on.
I will admit, its hard for me being sick and weak and not having the energy to do what I want to or even sometimes need to do,
But its all worth it in the end.
I know that come August when I am holding our precious little one all the terrible things I went through wont seem so bad.
Although, August can come any day now and that would be totally fine with me.
Sooner the better *wink*


Blessing 43: Valentines
-They are so cute and fun and such a small, simple way to tell someone you care ❤


2 Responses to “Valentines and Egg Drop Soup”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    you’re doing an awesome job, Naomi. It’s a blessing to see you raise your family. you’re a great mother and a wonderful wife. hope you had a good Valentine’s Day! praying for you to feel better 🙂

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