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Sunday’s February 19, 2012

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Sundays are normally my favorite day of the week,
Because it’s the only day my husband has off of both work and school.
Sundays are our family day;
To spend time with God and each other.
But lately the rest of the week has me so exhausted that by the time Sunday rolls around I am too exhausted to even function.
Today was especially entertaining with Devin throwing up right along with me.
Fun stuff.
I miss the old Sunday’s we used to enjoy,
Relaxing and just hanging out as a family.
No stress.
No drama.
No one else.
Sunday’s are our day.
They still are,
For the most part.
But there seems to be a lot more vomit involved these last few months;
Mostly mine.
Just another day in the role of being a mother I suppose,
Never short of a new adventure,
Never a day without a few curve balls.
I’m glad tomorrow is President’s Day though,
Even though I still have to babysit and Mel still has work and school,
I get to keep my Anthony home because he is off of school.
Hoping for a good day,
Let’s see what God has planned for us.


Blessing 49: Quality Time
-No matter how crazy it comes nothing beats bonding with my family.


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