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Bones-A-Thon February 24, 2012

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Today I have been feeling over all better than I have been in a while.
I take it as a gift from God and nothing less,
Because trust me to say I have been feeling down is quite an understatement.
I was able to catch up on some housework and organize the boys room,
Do some laundry too.
You know, basic things healthy people take for granted as simply being annoying but sick and weak people literally often cannot muster the strength to accomplish.
I have not vomited at all today and feel oddly less stressed than I have in a while.
I have been praying fervently for some peace and mental strength because I have been on edge for a few weeks now,
And today was nothing but an answer to those prayers.
I really needed a good day,
Because Lord knows I haven’t seen one in a while.
I wont say this is going to be all sunshine from now on,
Because for me my morning sickness has up days and down days.
Today was very much an up kind of day,
And who knows,
Tomorrow I could wake up flat on my behind again,
But I’m not going to think about that.
Tomorrow can worry about itself.
Instead, I am going to be thankful I got get some things accomplished,
And end my day snuggling my boys,
Followed by a Bones-A-Thon (marathon of recent Bones episodes from season 7, I heart that show) on Hulu and some awesome cherry cheesecake I was actually able to enjoy and keep down.


Blessing 54: Cherry Cheesecake
-Even me sick and pregnant enjoys it. Its that delicious.


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