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Pancake Dinner February 27, 2012

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Well, we went out to dinner tonight.
I was feeling brave and craving a nice big breakfast for dinner.
Pancakes, Eggs, Hashbrowns and Bacon.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account one minor detail.
Breakfast is in the morning, and while you can order it all day the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns that we ate at about 7:00 pm had probably been sitting in the kitchen since noon.
My hot, delicious wonderful breakfast was a huge let down to say the least.
But on the bright side,
I was well enough to go to the restaurant and at least nibble at my meal,
Without becoming physically ill.
I know that this pregnancy has a ways to go and a lot of trials ahead,
But I am so grateful to be feeling at least a step or two closer to functional.


Blessing 36: Breakfast food
-One of the smallest, simplest, most wonderful little comforts to the belly.


2 Responses to “Pancake Dinner”

  1. Sarah Harris Says:

    Ew! The food should be fresh or refrigerated!
    Congratulations on being pregnant and not getting sick when you ate!

    • It was bad. It wasn’t even warm when they brought it out to me. I don’t know how often you have had cold hash browns but ewwww.
      And the bacon was just, well old.
      lol lessoned learned, know where not to eat anymore.
      And thank you! Hoping this pregnancy flies by. I was very excited to be able to eat just about anything lol.

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