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Leap Day ’12 February 29, 2012

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So it’s Leap Day.
That day that only comes once every four years,
And I have all my life felt sorry for people who were born on this day since the other three years their birthday’s simply don’t exist.
Normally, I’m like “Oh whoopie, an extra day in February” (note: totally sarcastic, I hate winter so prolonging it is not what I would call a good idea.
But today was an exception, and I am so grateful for this extra little bloop on the calendar.
A 62 degree day in February in NWI is, well, unheard of.
It was like a magical gift of a spring preview from God himself.
Sunny, breezy, and simply beautiful.
We spent the day at the park and playing in the backyard,
Enjoying more fresh air than we have had since literally November.
It was heavenly.
If every winter was like the one we have had this year I wouldn’t despise my home climate nearly as much.
Mild, light on the snow, and days like this poking through the bleak cloudy blanket that covers a typical winter day.
Yes please.
March begins tomorrow and I am so excited.
I know what they say,
“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”
I’m hoping this year is different and we just have a purely “lamb” kind of month.
Can you tell I am itching for spring?
I’m so eager to enjoy the beautiful weather and just let my overly-energized little muchkins run as wild and crazy as their little hearts desire.
Let’s get the cold thing over with asap.
Please and thank you ; )


Blessing 57: Sunshine
-When the rays hit your face it’s like God Himself is smiling down on you, brightening the whole world with His glory.


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