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Date Night March 5, 2012

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Friday – March 2th

It’s a blustery evening,
And for the first time in a very long time my husband has a Friday night off of work.
He surprises me with a date night,
A babysitter for the kids and everything.
As we are driving to Kelsey’s for an amazing steak dinner we get into a discussion on the last time we went out just the two of us.
Before Devin was born for sure;
We had gone out to dinner once or twice without our older children but always with the youngest in tow.
Devin will be a year old next month,
Which means it has been well over a year since we went out completely alone.
The quiet car is so peaceful.
As we arrive at the restaurant it seems strange not to have a hefty diaper bag for car seat to carry,
No hand to hold but each others;
Which is actually quite nice.
A table for two,
And we can even eat in the bar area since no one under 21 is in our little party.
It’s so funny the things you appreciate when you have spent so long with little ones.
Ordering dinner for two,
And just sitting talking and relaxing in the calm of the evening.
It would have been a perfect night too,
Had I not gotten sick halfway through dinner.
But I was determined,
After all,
Who knew how long it would be before the next time we could say table for two.
We went to a movie and snuggled and just relaxed.
No potty breaks to worry about (except for my own lol),
Just the two of us and a grown-up movie late at night.
It felt like high school again,
Just dating and being with each other.
It was a wonderful feeling I had nearly forgotten after so long of simply stealing moments hear and there;
In between the chaos and clutter that we call life.


Blessing 59: Working Internet
-We haven’t had any since Friday, and I’m so glad that it’s back so I can blog again =)


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