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Pass It On March 5, 2012

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Sunday – March 4th

Well, about a week after my children’s sickness they lovingly passed it on to me yesterday.
I was fine all day until about 4 pm and then *bam*
It hit me like a giant brick wall.
I know I am slightly overly dramatic but I am pretty sure thats what death feels like.
Laying in bed, curled up in a ball with intestinal cramps so painful you think your body is self-destructing.
I supposed pregnant me is just not meant to know what healthy feels like,
What “normal” feels like for more than a day or two.
Oh well, fortunately, it’s a 24 hours kind of bug…
And I am a real trooper.

#Blessings 365

Blessing 61: Tenacity
-I always seem to bounce back.


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