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Run Baby Run! March 5, 2012

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Saturday – March 3rd

My son Anthony is very athletic,
Just like his daddy.
He is lean and muscular (you know, for a five year old),
Run’s fast and plays harder.
He is competitive and loves to win,
And let’s face it, my kid is pretty darn good.
The rest of his team…eh.
Anthony is normally faster than the other kids so it works out well,
But if the other kids get on him there is no one on his team that he can pass it to.
They all kind of…stink.
That’s mean, I know.
Mother’s are supposed to be the nurturing, everyone wins,
Play for the love of the game types;
But let’s be honest,
It’s always a little more when your kid is the bomb.
This particular game however,
The other team was actually really good.
So my little guy ran,
From one end to the other,
Back and forth like a crazy man,
Virtually non-stop.
By the end of the game,
His face was beet red,
And he was beyond out of breath.
He did his best,
And it was a close game.
They lost 3-2.
But he played hard and gave it his best.
I am his biggest cheerleader,
No matter what the final score.
As long as he tried his best mommy is nothing but smiles,
And I couldn’t be more proud.
So crazy how quickly my little guy is growing up…
Too quickly.


Blessing 60: Humility
-My little all-star got a taste of it Saturday, but it’s an important lesson to learn.


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