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Lamb Chop March 6, 2012

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We felt our little fetus move last night,
It was the first time I have been able to feel him or her.
I’m pretty sure it was because my bladder was full,
But I could feel the tiny little body when I gently pressed on my uterus.
It’s an amazing feeling;
Completely priceless.
As I felt him or her moving frantically away from my poking fingers,
All I could think of was,
Aw, my little lamb chop.
I was never really a die hard lamb chop fan as a small child,
Although “The song that never ends” was a favorite of me and my sisters.
But I personally have no idea if the real lamb chop was a boy or a girl,
I think it is a perfectly suitable (gender neutral) nickname until we find out the sex of our little one.
I can feel my muscles slowly and subtly growing around my lower abdomen,
My belly getting slightly rounder.
I am excited.
Very, very excited.
As our little Devin is celebrating his first birthday in just one short month,
It is so hard to look at him and imagine him being a big brother.
Diggy is still a baby,
He is my baby,
How can my little one be a big brother to someone?
But it’s happening,
And in just five short months.
It seemed like an eternity a few weeks ago and now it is just around the corner.
So strange.
I’m going to go dream of my little one,
What he or she will look like.
It will just be a few more weeks before I can put a face to my dreams,
And I can’t wait.
More blue?
A splash of pink?
Either way,
I’m excited.
My life is wonderful now filled with boys boys and more boys.
Whatever my uterus holds will be a wonderful completion to the Guinn Tribe.
Can’t wait.


Blessing 63: Nicknames
-Such a fun little way to make someone feel special.



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