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TGIF March 9, 2012

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To say that I really really really look forward to the weekends,
Is an understatement.
Friday’s just can never seem to come soon enough,
And although Monday’s really stink,
It is never until about Thursday of each week that I truly remember just how much I love Friday’s.
Day care kids all week long,
The weekends are my time with my boys and hubby to just catch my breath.
And without that time to catch my breath,
I am truly afraid I would lose my mind.
Today was a different Friday for us but in a good way.
Mel was off work and so he was able to do what he does best and put the fear of God in the munchkins.
So every single one of them took a three hour nap today,
And every single one of them listened like God himself had come down and spoken to them.
It was heavenly.
My little sister Bekah is home from school for spring break,
So we got to have dinner with her and her boyfriend Alec.
I miss everyone hanging out as a family.
I actually cooked the last two nights as well,
Which I didn’t do for like the last two months because the smell of food was absolutely unbearable.
So happy to be slowly bouncing back to a semi-normal.
Every day gets a little easier.
Down side to today was that the diamond from my wedding ring fell out of its mound this morning.
Although Jared will replace it because we have a lifetime warranty,
They said it will be almost a month before I will get it back.
I feel so naked without it,
But I am soooooo glad it is getting fixed.
I can’t wait for the rest of this weekend,
It is way too easy lately for me to get depressed,
And I really think I need to focus on the positive and try to think about the many many good things in my life.


Blessing 66: Chill time
-Whenever, however it comes; weekend or not, it is an absolute necessity to sanity.


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