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Toothless Thursday March 9, 2012

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Thursday – March 8th

The hubby got two teeth pulled today.
It was kind of a traumatic experience for both of us,
Since neither of us had ever gotten a tooth pulled before,
Or really been around anyone who had.
I had no idea there would be so much blood.
I do not do well with blood.
And being pregnant does not help with the queazy feeling in my gut at the sight of it.
Men are helpless, especially when they are under the weather physically,
But I was happy to help.
After all, he has been helping me quite a bit over the last few months.
Long long day of running around,
And of course the day he isn’t feeling well I’m not feeling well either.
I guess sometimes that is just the way the cookie crumbles.
(lol Bruce Almighty, haven’t seen that one in forever).


Blessing 65: Dental Insurance
-After over a year without it, it sure is nice to be able to take care of our mouths again.


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